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The original concept of MegaCryptoPolis decentralized city builder game described in White Book was successfully implemented and launched in October 2018 to form what’s called a “Macroeconomy” layer. It has generated more than $2,000,000 in NFT trades past year as reported by DappRadar and NonFungible.

MegaCryptoPolis 3D was announced to introduce, besides significant visual improvements a whole new layer to be built on top of existing gameplay — a “Microeconomy”. Currently available MCP 3D Demo version proves that full-featured dApp game with rich graphics can actually run on any mobile device, Along with the new game model it will be a revolution in blockchain gaming!

Macroeconomy — underlying layer of immutable assets (Districts, land plots and buildings) forming the core of MegaCryptoPolis.

Every game asset is an ERC-721 token stored in player’s wallet. All the game logic runs on Ethereum smart contracts, so every game action is a verified transaction on the blockchain. Game assets belong to player and can be freely traded on the open market using Ether.

Microeconomy — layer of operations with a new class of collectible assets (Citizens, Pets, Appliances and Resources) to be featured in MegaCryptoPolis 3D.

With the help of upcoming Microeconomy update buildings will be able to produce Resources, Appliances and Citizen tokens. Some collectible assets are unique and can be obtained only during special events. Read more

That said, “Mirco” is not the literal characteristic for the new economy― we believe it may become even larger in terms of overall transactions volume and certain assets value.

The only factor that may have limited MegaCryptoPolis growth so far is building upgrade dependence on surrounding buildings — that will be totally eliminated in Microeconomy.

Resources will be be the major requirement to update a building to a maximum level. One can produce them in special buildings or acquire on the open market from other players.

Citizens will be required for buildings to operate:

  • Industrial buildings to produce Resources and Appliances;
  • Residential to create next-generations Citizen tokens;
  • Offices and Municipal buildings to generate Ether;
  • Commercial buildings to offer services for other Citizens for a small fee in Ether.

Along with the Influence points, Citizen’s qualifications will be the core factor to determine buildings performance in Microeconomy.

  • Strength → suits best Mining and Production buildings,
  • Endurance → Energy and Mining buildings,
  • Charisma → Commercial and Office buildings,
  • Intelligence → Office and Municipal buildings,
  • Agility → Production and Energy buildings,
  • Luck → Municipal and Commercial buildings.

Every Citizen’s qualification may have up to 10 points. Pet may enhance one of the qualification of any Citizen it is assigned to. Original Citizens classification is as follows:

  • Top Manager — Citizen with at least one 8 points qualification;
  • Professional ― at least one 9 points qualification;
  • Executive ― at least one 10 points qualification;
  • Top Executive ― at least two 10 points qualifications in a matching field
    (for example, both Intelligence and Charisma suits Office buildings).
  • Astronaut ― limited pre-order Generation A Citizen with 10 points in all qualifications. Only 10 of them will ever exist.

Citizen without a single qualification higher than 7 points considered to be called a “Manager”.

MegaCryptoPolis 3D Pre-order

In order to pass the chicken-or-the-egg dilemma and incentivize the Microeconomy a very limited supply of Resources, Pets, Citizens and Appliances will be distributed. Maximum of 20 000 Generation A Citizens will be created during Pre-order event. That is roughly ¼ from what is required by currently constructed buildings to operate on their maximum performance under the new concept.

Every pack contains at least 1 unique Citizen. Besides that, packs bring random items (Pets, Appliances and Resources). Like any asset contained within, packs are also ERC-721 tokens. Most importantly, they can be traded in an unboxed state.

Every Citizen has its unique appearance and can be used as a player’s avatar. There is a total of 300 Million possible variations for a Citizen appearance that makes every single one an absolutely unique personality.

Citizen token generated in Residential buildings will always have the Generation succeeding to the oldest Generation from all the citizens appointed to a Residential building.

Generation affects Citizen’s Stamina that defines how long can a Citizen operate in a building before he will need a rest.

All Generation A Citizens distributed during pre-order comes with exclusive all-white look. It can be changed later in any Commercial building, but only Generation A may return and wear it’s exclusive look any time then.

In the case of MegaCryptoPolis launching on new blockchains Citizen tokens will stay interoperable and will be used in any official MCP entity.

Microeconomy launch will make all the game assets (including Districts and land plots) available on the external marketplaces like OpenSea with an open API to maintain token metadata.

Most importantly, all the Microeconomy assets can be traded on ERC-721 exchanges from the very moment of their creation during pre-order event, including those unboxed packs.

The Future is Bright!

There are just a few actions players can perform in the MegaCryptoPolis today: construct a building, upgrade it and collect proceeds. Following the rapid development of distributed ledgers and scalability solutions we are doing our best to bring the most complex and purely decentralized gaming experience, ever.

We can’t be more excited to invite you joining us in this incredible adventure!

The major update is coming to MegaCryptoPolis this year.

Global pre-order beginning 18 March 2019, 1 PM UTC.

Find out more on Official Website, Discord and Telegram groups.



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