Points of Interest: Landmarks and Monuments in the Decentralized City

A new feature planned for the MegaCryptoPolis 3D this quarter

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5 min readApr 9, 2020


What you enjoy the most in a regular city builder game? Normally, that’s all about setting zones and watching buildings emerge and evolve on their own. Could that be possible in the MCP3D?

Location is essential when it comes to the value of a property. Many factors can influence the value, but the surrounding area is one of the most important.

The day MegaCryptoPolis had launched on Ethereum network, there were strict requirements on surrounding buildings for some other types of buildings to be constructed. That formed an organic and pleasant city landscape with logical zoning and nicely distributed capital goods.

Introduction of the Microeconomy wiped off these limitations and provided players with an absolute freedom for a blank TRON map development that resulted in factories penetrating residential area.

In order to make a city planning process more mindful and predictable a POIs feature will be introduced this quarter. Following is the description of how we plan it to be operated in the decentralized city. We are more than happy to discuss all the details with our wonderful community to adjust the concept before release!


Allows for careful territory planing highlighting locations for every building type to gain a significant boost.

Requires 2x2 adjacent land plots owned by a player to be constructed. Grants a bonus for all the buildings of a certain type in 5x5* land plots field around and removes negative Influence Points impact on the buildings of the same type in 2x2* field.

Combined with District’s policies and taxes, that may be a perfect way for a District owner to stimulate new buildings emerging on its territory.


Refines adjacent buildings for a better performance, a perfect start for coordinated teamwork inside a District.

Requires a spare land plot, grants a bonus for all the buildings of a certain type in 3x3* field around. Bonus power is way less then for a Landmark, but still reasonable considering the construction and operational costs.

POI Bonuses

Monuments and Landmarks grants a boost for a certain type of buildings constructed around. Specific effect depends on a building type.

Production, Industrial, Energy

A building located in a POI zone will have an increased production capacity. In most cases, it will just produce more (regardless collected on a regular basis or with a help of Speed Up option). The stronger Citizens appointed in a building the higher the effect will be.

Unlike increasing Influence Points, that may affect all other buildings of the same type on the gaming map — POIs bonuses are local and will never impact established production outside its zone.


Considering the demand for better GUI on Offices operations, we are happy to introduce a new interface that will allow to track each building contribution in Funds collection and make the overall experience more transparent.

Early preview of a new Offices operation flow.

That said, a building’s share and a building’s wage terms will be defined.

Daily share is what a building can possibly receive from a Fund (being it a Global or a Local one) that depends on Influence Points a building have. Wage is the amount of ETH/TRX that is actually collected every day, defined by appointed Citizens qualifications.

Share can be increased by installing an Appliance, upgrading a building or developing the surroundings (as other buildings located around can also give a boost for building’s Influence Points).

Wage can be increased by appointing Citizens with better Intelligence and Charisma qualifications (as well as pairing them with Pets) or… considering a POI constructed around.


Just like Offices, Municipal’s wage can be increased by Citizens with better Luck and Intelligence qualifications or… having a POI on adjacent land plots.


Placing any Residential building in a POI zone increases a chance for a better Citizen qualifications. As simple as that.


After Local Commercials upgrade a lot of new Commercials started their operations, making Stamina restore offering listings in some District a bit boring (illustrated by #153 on the left) with many buildings offering relatively the same amount of Points for almost similar prices.

POIs will change that with an ability to increase the amount of Points restored for the same price by a building.

POIs Operation

All the POIs are one-level buildings, no upgrades available. No Citizens are required to operate. Cars and Appliances not applied.

POIs will become available on both chains at the same time. POIs construction will require Materials and some fees for the Funds and a District owner to be constructed.

POI can’t be constructed in operation zone of another POI of the same type. That said, a Monument to boost Residential buildings is not allowed in Residential Landmark zone of operation, but still can be constructed in a zone of Industrial Monument or Industrial Landmark.

POI will require Energy and Water supply to provide surrounding buildings with a bonus. Once deposited in required amount they will grant uninterrupted operation to a building for weeks or even months.

POI feature is all about cumulative effect for a numerous buildings of the same type located close to each other. We believe that will help in shaping the decentralized city landscape and mindful Districts planning on both chains.

  • — certain values may be subject to change.

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