Menlo One recommended for developer tools grant from ConsenSys decentralized foundation Panvala

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2 min readDec 12, 2019


Update: We’re very excited to announce we have been awarded the grant from Panvala. Some more info on the Panvala Medium here. A big thank you to the Panvala team and DAO, ConsenSys, and the sponsors: Unstoppable Domains, Helium, and MythX.

Menlo One is very proud to announce we’ve been recommended for grant from Panvala, ConsenSys’s decentralized foundation to continue our work building developer tools. Their core advisory group, issues grants to projects who are focused on solving problems related to security, layer 2 scaling, usability, Ethereum 2.0 infrastructure, and developer tools.

Menlo One makes a Javascript & Solidity based development framework that caches data from Ethereum and IPFS on cloud hosted nodes to improve speed and UX issues which have hindered the mass adoptions of dApps. This grant will accelerate one of our key goals of implementing a graph database into our framework.

Graph databases are the backbone of many major social media applications. Many social media networks have recently come under fire for issues around security and privacy which could be solved by leveraging decentralized tech like Ethereum. Menlo’s goal in adding this feature to our development framework is to help developers build social media oriented dApps.

About Panvala

Panvala is an donor-driven DAO from ConsenSys that funds the evolution of the Ethereum network by awarding grants every three months to projects that are working to improve it and grow it.

Panvala’s token holders vote on what work should be funded. That way, anyone in their community can have a stake in making more donations flow through the platform. Previous Panvala grant winners include Aragon One, Level K, Status, MakerDAO, and Gnosis.

To learn more, check out the Panvala community forum.

See their post about Menlo One in their forum here.