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2 min readFeb 28, 2018


What’s Changing

GMT-Dust wallet will be temporarily removed from iOS builds as we work with the App Store team to ensure GMT is compliant with Apple’s emerging policies for utility tokens. Our previous iOS release that included GMT was determined by the App Store to be out of compliance with existing cryptocurrency policies. As GMT is not a cryptocurrency but rather a utility token, Dust falls into a grey area with respect to Apple’s guidelines that requires further definition.

Note: First back up your Dust-GMT wallet, then update your Dust app by Friday (3/2/17) to keep it working. This does not impact Android versions of Dust, and that iOS user wallets are still active but currently not accessible through the iOS app.

Building Partnerships

We believe that creating a long term, mutually beneficial partnership with Apple is in the best interest of our community. That being said, working to help define Apple’s policies for utility tokens is our preferred path forward. For this reason, we decided that removing the GMT-Dust wallet functionality as a temporary measure was warranted as we shift efforts to creating a long-term partnership. In an industry where policies and regulations are continually evolving, we maintain that remaining conservative is the best way to protect token holders, our partners, our team, and all other parties involved in the project.


You may wonder why some cryptocurrencies are available in other App Store apps. In our view these are not utility tokens like GMT, but rather are currencies available for trade. Creating a true utility token that provides functionality across an ecosystem is a new frontier, and existing policies will need to be upgraded to reflect this new paradigm.

What about my GMT?

Rest assured that all Dust users (including iOS) will continue to receive GMT rewards for staying active on the app, it will just be temporarily hidden from the iOS User Interface. Meanwhile, you can always check your account balance and transaction history by copy and pasting your (wallet) address here.

For special instructions to access your iOS wallet, please contact +dusthelp


In effort to build more fruitful relationships with the App Store team we have temporarily removed (beta) GMT features in Dust iOS builds. As we continue to work with the App Store team to ensure GMT is compliant with Apple’s emerging policies for utility tokens, we look forward to becoming one of the first App Store approved utility tokens!

For more details on how to backup your Dust-GMT wallet, check out our blog post.



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