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2 min readMay 19, 2022


Mint day is almost here!

As a reminder, Mint day is Monday, May 23rd. Make sure to bridge your ETH to MATIC on the Polygon chain to get ready.

How to Mint Metablox

This blog post will cover what you need to know to Mint a Blox on Metablox.

Step 1: Bridge your ETH to MATIC on Polygon

Note: If you Mint using fiat, then this step is not needed.

This is incredibly important, which is why we dedicated an entire blog post to it:

Step 2: Know the Mint day dynamics

Read this blog post to understand how pricing and phases will work during Minting:

Or watch the video:

Step 3: Choose Fiat or MATIC

Mint with MATIC

View in help center.

If you choose to Mint with MATIC, make sure you complete Step 1 above.

Here are tutorials for Minting with MATIC:

Important: When Minting with MATIC, make sure to change the suggested gas fee to High.

Single Mint with MATIC:

Batch Mint with MATIC:

Mint with fiat

View in help center.

If you go with fiat, then you will utilize our Stripe integration.

Potential challenge: Banks may reject the transaction because we are a crypto company. If this happens, then you will need to Mint using MATIC.

Important: When Minting with fiat, we will hold your Blox in our custodial Metablox Wallet. 2 weeks after launch, we will launch a transfer feature that will enable you to transfer your Blox from the Metablox Wallet to your MetaMask Wallet.

Single Mint with fiat:

Batch Mint with fiat:

Step 4: Wait

I know, it sucks to wait, but Minting can take several minutes due to Polygon Mainnet congestion.

If after 10 minutes your Blox are not Minted, please reach out to us on Discord so that we can help you.

Excellent! You now know how to do the public Mint.

In the next blog post, we will cover Reservation Minting and Gift Minting. Stay tuned!



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