MetaCartel Ecosystem Update 2020

Peter ‘pet3rpan’
Feb 6 · 3 min read

A mere 6 months ago, we had nothing but telegram chats and a DAO that was still in its pre-launch phase:

July 2019 (6 months ago) [Link]

Back in mid-2019, the MetaCartel was mostly comprised of your favorite miscellaneous telegram chat rooms. We had a Libra working group known as ‘Taco Team 6’ lead by Mitch Kowsowski and other meme channels. MetaCartel DAO was still yet in its early pre-launch phases with not much to show for. We had a small but vibrant community and have since gone very far.

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Now: February 2020.

Today, the MetaCartel ecosystem is its own metaverse of DAOs, working groups, media productions, and teams attempting to build and discover Web 3 usecases.

What is MetaCartel? Who are we?

MetaCartel is a community of dapp developers, creatives and builders. We collaborate with each other on projects and operate various DAOs including a grants fund where we provide funding to adventurers looking to experiment with new dapp usecases.

The key projects in our community also include:

  • 👑 Venture DAO: Investment fund that is yet to launch.
  • 🌶 MetaCartel DAO: DApp grants fund with over 60+ DAO members and has deployed over 60,000 USD in funding now to over 16+ projects.
  • 🐙 MetaGame: Massive online coordination game with the aim of incentivizing positive-sum value creation and onboarding newcomers into the greater Ethereum community.
  • 🤖 MetaFactory: Cryptonative eCommerce store platform that lets anyone sell items on a bonding curve with FOMO3D mechanics.
  • ⚔️ RaidGuild: MetaCartel’s community-run dev-shop that goes on raids together with a community member to help other projects build dapps.
  • 🏡 DAOHaus: Moloch DAO clone factory that helps you deploy and manage your own Moloch DAO fork today.
  • 🎭 MetaClan: MetaCartel’s cryptonative eSports organisation.
  • 🔫 Shots fired newsletter: MetaCartel’s community newsletter.
  • 🧙‍♂️Wizard of Dapps podcast: MetaCartel’s dapp podcast.

Our surrounding community

Over the last two years, we have also been working hard to build bridges and foster a highly aligned community of projects and teams — making up the surrounding community of MetaCartel.

We are proud to have all these teams at our backs.

MetaCartel DAO

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