CAUTION: MetaMask Removed By Chrome Store, Replaced With Phishing Application

The current MetaMask application in Chrome store is not to be trusted until further notice.

Jeremy Nation
Jul 25, 2018 · 2 min read


The MetaMask team has alerted the community that a genuine version of their software has been restored in the Google Chrome Store. They will provide more details for us soon:

Initial Coverage:

Google has really done it this time. An apparent policy change has caused the search engine giant to scrub any cryptocurrency mining applications from the Chrome store. Amongst those applications removed, some of us in the ecosystem were surprised to see MetaMask removed.

It’s evident that blanket purges don’t always solve the problem, and in this case, what’s even more surprising is that Google allowed a malicious actor to upload a version of MetaMask to the Chrome store which phishes information from users:

Many people rely on MetaMask to interphase with Web 3.0 sites and allows for the sending and receiving of blockchain based transactions. MetaMask also provides some relief by blocking phishing sites, a common issue in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. If you downloaded MetaMask before the malicious one was uploaded, you don’t have anything to worry about. For Chrome, the team is still trying to figure out how pushing updates to the platform will work.

Once again, it is not advisable to download the extension available in the Chrome store; if you do you stand a good chance of getting phished. An official guide was provided by the MetaMask team on how to install MetaMask manually in the meantime:

If you haven’t already, It is highly recommended that you endeavor to install Cryptonite, a browser add-on from MetaCert that provides protection from phishing. Cryptonite also provides a visual indicator when you reach a validated resource in the sphere of cryptocurrency turning its black shield icon green. A lot of users choose to utilize Cryptonite alongside MetaMask as an extra layer of protection.

The MetaCert Protocol is a trust and reputation threat intelligence system for verifying web resources. It addresses a number of attack vectors, encompassing solutions for anti-phishing, child safety, brand protection, crypto-address verification, and news credibility. Find out more about the MetaCert Protocol, ask questions, and leave suggestions on both our White Paper and Technical Paper. You can also join our Telegram community to stay up to date on our blockchain project. Remember to install Cryptonite to protect yourself from phishing scams before it’s too late.


Zero Trust cybersecurity for teams and remote workers

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Zero Trust cybersecurity for teams and remote workers

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