The MetaCert Protocol White Paper: Index

This White Paper is broken into separate posts so it’s easier to find the sections that are of most interest to you.

Paul Walsh
Jun 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Updated: April 2021

White Papers are generally too technical for a lot of people. And it’s sometimes difficult and time consuming to find easy-to-understand information about the problem that’s being addressed. For this reason, we decided to write a very simple, but detailed White Paper and a separate Technical Paper for those who’d like to dive a little deeper.

What Motivates Us
The Problem
The Proposed Solution

The MetaCert Protocol
End Users
Protocol Incentives
Reputation Score

Token Mechanics
Staking for URI Claims
Validation Fees
Improved Brand Verification Process
How Tokens Can Be Used

MetaCert’s Prior and Related Work
Crawlers and URI Categorization Technology
Proven Track Record in Crypto
MetaCert Security Slack Bot
MetaCert Security Bot for Telegram
Cryptonite Browser Extension
Active Participation and Competition
A Team With Proven Domain Expertise and Experience
Overcoming the Challenge of Crowdsourced Data
Historic Approaches

Design Goals
Reputation Behavioral Signals
User Interface
Adoption Strategy
Who will use the Protocol?

Solution: The MetaCert Protocol
Decentralized Registry
Address the Identity Problem: Verified vs. Suspicious or Fake
Address the Trust Problem: Real vs. Fake
Realtime Protection Backed by Community Verification
Incentivize Community Contributions with Tokens
Freedom to Build Great Products and Services

Future Work
Protocol Categorizer
Node Operator
Mitigation of Potential Risks

Token Sale Breakdown * (This section is not in the PDF)
Token Sale
Lock-up (Spread)
Protocol Roadmap

Ready to dive deeper into our Technical Paper?


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