The MetaCert Protocol Token Sale Breakdown

We put the public token sale on hold in favor of focusing on our core product/technology. And in part, because the market crashed in 2017.Important Update:

Paul Walsh
Jun 17, 2018 · Unlisted
Download a PDF version of the White Paper

Public Sale

How To Participate In The Private Sale

About The MetaCert Protocol Beta Program

White Paper Contents

1. Index

2. Introduction

3. The MetaCert Protocol

4. Token Mechanics

5. MetaCert’s Prior and Related Work

6. Design Goals

7. Solution: The MetaCert Protocol

8. Future Work

9. Token Sale Breakdown*(This section is not in the PDF)

🖌 Please feel free to respond with questions or comments about anything you read in our White Paper or Technical Paper directly within Medium, and be sure to engage with other members of the community who also have questions or comments.

🔐 MetaCert Protocol is based on established enterprise-grade technology that powers live products. These products protect hundreds of thousands of people on the Internet today, but this is just the start. We need the community to help us iterate this work. Together we can help make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

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Download a PDF version of the White Paper


Zero Trust cybersecurity for teams and remote workers

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