Android Keepin Update: Meta ID is here!

Keepin v1.2 is released on Google Play

May 31 · 4 min read
Keepin v1.2 for iOS will be available next week. We’ll release a separate notice.

Dear Metadians,

Ready for great news? Keepin v1.2 has been released and there is plenty to play with. Earlier this year, we released Keepin v1.0 with simple wallet feature to support the token swap as Metadium was migrating to its own blockchain. Keepin is not a simple wallet app anymore, as we go to its original purpose of being a gateway that protects your personal information and supports your sovereignty.

What’s New

1. Meta ID

The purpose of the Meta ID is to authenticate your identity while selectively sharing only necessary information. You are required to create Meta ID once you update the app. The process is simple and fast. This is a feature that will support all the next add-ons and provide you with total identity solution.

2. Simple Authentication by Keepin

We are challenging existing status quo of two-factor authentication. We incorporated simple user authentication via biometric verification, enhanced user security via blockchain technology, quick recovery via Private Key, and easy implementation via support API/SDK.

3. Notifications

To deliver all the latest and important news in a timely manner, we added a notifications menu which can be found under the “More” menu button. You can access our Medium directly without exiting the application.

4. Enhance UI/UX

Based on community feedback, we improved the UI/UX of the recovery process in the Keepin. Now the Recovery button is more visible and appears on the first screen upon installation. In addition, the visibility of the fonts was refined and some new menu sections were reorganized.

Secured Data

Secure Enclave/Element (S.E)

Minimize risk of hacking by storing the private key required for authentication in the inaccessible S.E. area of the device.

dPKI Algorithm

Experience dPKI cryptographic algorithm; a combination of PKI algorithms via asymmetric keys and DLT(Decentralized Ledger Technology) of Metadium blockchain.

Nonce (One Time Cryptographic Communication Value)

Sign and authenticate on a randomly generated Nonce value which provides the same level of security as TOTP technology of 2FA.

Metadium DID Method

The newly defined Metadium Decentralized Identifier (DID) has been formally registered at the W3C-CCG DID Method Registry as a new Decentralized Identifier Method. For more information, refer to the W3C page.

DIDs are a new type of identifier for verifiable, “self-sovereign” digital identity.

What’s Next

1. Identity Hub

Ever find yourself looking for a secure place to store all your digital documents, IDs, and other personal information, including passwords and security numbers? For the next upgrade of the Keepin app we are incorporating identity hub — a secure and fully controlled storage for your identity information.

2. Claim & Achievement

As we onboard new ecosystem players, the claim and achievement feature will roll out allowing you to make claims and get rewarded for your achievements. Please refer to the following video for details about the claim and achievement feature.

Learn the details about the claim and achievement feature

Make sure to update your Keepin app. Download Keepin on Google Play if you haven’t done so yet and protect your identity. Keepin v1.2 for iOS will be available next week. We’ll release a separate notice.


Team Metadium

Please email us at if you have any suggestions on how to further improve Keepin. Follow us on Medium, Facebook and Twitter, and join our Telegram Group to receive the latest updates. Download our Keepin application on the App Store and Google Play.


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We give ownership of your data back to you