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Teachers, you and your students can create Augmented Reality Experiences without needing to write any code. Metaverse is a FREE Augmented Reality Platform that is being used by thousands of teachers to build all kinds of interactive learning experiences for their classrooms.

Creating AR Experiences is easy, takes minutes, and anyone can do it.

Experiences are built in Metaverse Studio by arranging components on a “storyboard” and linking them together. Hundreds of components can be combined to create almost anything.

Experiences are instantly shareable via a unique link or a QR code, sent via email, embedded in web sites, or uploaded to collaborative Metaverse Boards.

Students can tap the link or scan the code with the Metaverse App to interact with AR Experiences.

Some things teachers and students are building

AR Challenges/Escape Rooms
These Experiences require that students crack the code based on the clues provided. Here are some to try:

Curse of the Pharaoh

Time Travel To Mesopotamia

Writing The Constitution

Figurative Language

Civil War Treasure Hunt

Here’s how you can build your own Breakout for your class:

Here’s a Breakout tutorial playlist

Scavenger Hunts 
Experiences can be bundled together in a group to create a scavenger hunt. Each Experience must be completed in order to finish the hunt. By default, Experiences can be accessed anywhere, however you can make them only available at certain location on campus to create a campus-wide scavenger hunt.

Fun tip: Teachers have even printed out Metaverse QR codes and have placed them in different areas of the classroom.

Teachers are constantly submitting tutorials of things that they have built in Metaverse. Watch the full playlist here.

Students are building their own Experiences 
Students love creating AR Experiences using Metaverse. It’s a lot of fun, and great at teaching the logic behind computer programming, allowing students to build things they can see, use, and play with immediately.

Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts (7th Best Film School in US) is teaching an “Augmented Reality Storytelling” class using Metaverse.

San Diego State ZIP Idea Lab is using Metaverse to build client projects.

AR Education Pioneers help spread the magic

Educators from around the world are evangelizing the power of using AR in education.

Rob McTaggart helped the Sydney Olympic Park augment its inaugural Innovation Games.

“This sort of activity is taking us where we want to be in education here at the park, right on the edge of where innovation meets learning.” Mike Bartlett, Manager of Education at Sydney Olympic Park

Richard Bryne, the author of Free Tech for Teachers, has given talks about Metaverse to other teachers, written articles about Metaverse on his blog, and hosts Metaverse Webinars.

Monica Burns, the author of Class Tech Tips, wrote an article “Metaverse Classroom Augmented Reality Experiences for Teachers and Students”

“I was definitely surprised by just how easy it is to create classroom augmented reality experiences.” Monica Burns

Danny Kim, who works in the office of Strengths and Vocation (OSV) at Point Loma Nazarene University, built an augmented reality experience welcoming new students.

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