German Internet Agency Ranking — Mindbox Climbs to Rank 44

A place among the top 50 and a plan for the future

Even though the Internet lately has made us doubtful (Thank you Bibi), it is still our profession and passion, our favorite playground, old hat and still Neuland. Here we reinvent ourselves or give traditions a face. It is the stage on which we help brands to present themselves.

Our heart clings to our daily work. This is why we are also enthusiastic about the BVDW’s recently published internet agency ranking.

Clear Direction: Upwards

The industry barometer, which is published every year, shows the honorary growth of German full-service digital agencies. Sounds fancy — it is!

In 2016, the top 50 ranked agencies generated gross income of € 1.359 billion.

Since 2011 the Mindbox has been represented in the ranking annually and climbed a few places every year. In 2017 we were able to get among the top 50 for the first time and ranked to position 44.

We are especially proud of the places we reached in the subrankings. In the fields “Marketing & Branding” and “Mobile” we climbed to to the top 20 with rank 19 and 17.

What’s next?

We will see! In any case, the successful ranking and the fun that we have with our customers and projects fuel us with enough motivation to continue giving our best in 2017.

See you in the top 30!

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