Kotlin Weekly Update — 3

Weekly update on Kotlin resources.

1. How to make complex requests simple with RxJava in Kotlin by Tamás Kozmér

2. Kotlin Resources :

The ultimate resource list for your most loved coding language.

3. Room & RxJava Kotlin Sample

API sample to showcase how to use Room, with RxJava’s Flowable objects in Kotlin.

4. Kotlin In Enterprise

5. Building better apps with kotlin by Adit Lal

6. Why You Must Try Kotlin For Android Development ? by Amit Shekhar

7. Introduction to Kotlin: Part 2

Collections, Lambdas, Null safety and types

8. The Train to Kotlinville is Leaving, Are you on Board?

9. Simple Android MVVM using RX and Kotlin by Ovidiu Latcu

10. Swing Kotlin game

Game written in Kotlin

Developer inspiration :

1. 30+ Bite-Sized Pro Tips to Become a Better Android Developer

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