Kotlin Weekly Update — 4

Weekly update on Kotlin resources.

1. Sweet! Kotlin 1.1.4 is out!

2. Kotlin awesome tricks for Android

3. Best Kotlin books, courses, videos & tutorials 2017

4. Anything Java can do Kotlin can do better

5. Kotlin Android Extensions: Say goodbye to findViewById

6. Kotlin Function Literals w/ Receiver

7. Trying to Build Android MVP App in Kotlin by Eminarti Sianturi

8. How to learn Kotlin from Beginning — Kotlin blogs series by Chintan Rathod

9. Preconditions.kt: Validate Your Kotlin

10. Taming state in Android with Elm Architecture and Kotlin, Part 1


1. Learn Kotlin in one video:

2. Kotlin for Android Development : Develop an App with Kotlin

3. Lock-Free Algorithms for Kotlin Coroutines

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