MNX Yearly Report

Achievements, plans, situation and everything else you may expect from the annual report by Boris Shulyaev, CEO of Minexcoin.

No matter whether you a global corporation or a small innovative startup, every 365 days your mission is to presents a super-important document — the annual report. Minexcoin is not an exception. Our team had wanted to congratulate the community with the New Year with the traditional summarising, but let’s be honest, not so many people take an interest in these documents; they are overloaded with numbers, and embellishing more than needed.

The way out is to break this stereotype. During the holidays we had turned off the idea with the Great Bureaucratic Annual Report and decided to give the floor to our CEO Boris Suliaev. At the moment Boris holds a series of meetings in Europe, so he can distantly evaluate the whole picture and give his helicopter view to you.

Before you start reading we want to congratulate you on past holidays from our team and now let’s move on to Boris’ speech.

Hello, community!

It is the first report of that type for our project, and I’m really glad about it because in January 2017 Minexcoin has ceased to be an idea, but still was an experiment far from the final result. Of course, we planned, calculated and set goals for ourselves, but in many indicators, results have surpassed the expectations even of our analysts (and, as you know, they don’t tend to be miscalculated). Anyway, first things first.

Have once gotten into the blockchain-world, we decided to settle here severely and permanently. And, unlike many projects of this year, we believe that we’ve chosen the right niche for this. While some make tokens just for tokens, we strategically step by step have begun to change the very relationship with the cryptoworld by implementing the ideas, messages and approaches of the crypto-community in the people’s daily routine. After all, Minexcoin unites all that is missing from either the fiat or many of other blockchain products: high speed, low commissions, low volatility and, of course, ease of use. Thus, we are a payment system for an ideal future, no matter how it sounds. Yes, the implementation of such ambitious plans is not a fast process at all, but our reached speed is entirely correlates with meeting the challenges we’ve set.

Probably, the main result of the year is our confidence in the project. In just a year we managed to do a lot together. We ran an ICO when this concept wasn’t so hackneyed; raised a dream-team of highly qualified specialists; launched own blockchain with the support of miners all around the world; created, tested, and even improved MinexBank by implementing version 2.0; and achieved all other results that you can perfectly see by yourself. Here I want especially note your support — it’s essential that our community believes, endorses and helps to develop the project. We’re united by the same goals and responsibility for the fate of the new industry so far.

You may ask, but where are the financial indicators, Boris? Now, after the first months of testing Minexcoin in a real market, they are also highly optimistic. Of course, not everything works out the way it was intended at the beginning of our journey, but in just 80 days we successfully survived both the stages of explosive growth when the price of MNX increased by 4756.25% and some volume drops and long side trends. It’s important to recall here that we are considering the project in the medium and long term only, so we positively assess that MNX isn’t qualifying as an attractive speculative asset. In general, market behavior showed consistency with our expectations voiced in the Memorandum. And numbers we are really proud of are you:

  • We have 23.658 followers in social networks from more than 45 countries
  • 6125 active MinexBank users
  • Growth on 25 new users every day
  • And as a bonus — 30% growth of MNX price since 1 January.

Publilius Syrus, an ancient writer, once said, it is a bad plan that admits of no modification, so I’d prefer to call this traditional part dedicated to plans and goals as a vision of 2018. It already has become clear that some milestones of our roadmap do not correspond to the market’s conjuncture thus at the beginning of the year we’ll present you an updated version of our roadmap. Nothing global — just tactical adjustments. It will happen right after the implementation of Atomic Swap by our blockchain team-leads. Also, the new year will bring new products. Some of them you’ve already known by our roadmap, others you’ll get to know in the development process. For example, we’re looking forward to issuing own payment cards, but we’ll talk about it by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

I congratulate you on the past holidays and hope that all the expectations placed on MNX will come true. We’ll try, in turn, to promote and implement them!

Have good parking!

Thanks for the reading and remember to watch after MNX all over our channels: