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5 useful bulk management actions on minerstat dashboard

Minerstat dashboard is designed in a way to benefit mining managers with a larger number of workers. That’s why there are several bulk actions available that will make your mining management easier and faster.

In this blog post, we will introduce five of them that you will probably use and need the most.

✔️ Add workers in bulk

The first step in setting up your workers is adding them to the minerstat dashboard. You can add them one by one, or you can add all of them at once in just a few clicks. This feature is not only useful for those with hundreds or thousands of workers but also for those that have just a few workers, especially ASICs.

When adding a worker, click on a link Bulk add, which will lead you to the form for bulk adding.

🎁 Bonus: Read detailed instructions on how to add workers in bulk

✔️ Export workers

From the bulk actions that are available on the workers’ list, you can also choose to export your workers. You can export just a few workers or all of them.

This is useful when you want to move your workers to the customer’s account or when you want to have a backup of your workers’ configurations and settings.

💡 Note: You can import exported workers back to the minerstat dashboard but only within the same account (either to the same main account or to your customers’ accounts).

✔️ Import workers

While you can add workers manually or in bulk, you can also import workers in bulk. This function support importing the workers that were detected by our Locator software, importing workers from other systems, or importing workers that were exported from your minerstat’s workers list.

When adding a worker, click on a link Bulk import, which will lead you to the form for bulk import.

🎁 Bonus: Read detailed instructions on how to use Locator and import workers

✔️ Change config in bulk

Minerstat’s configuration page was designed to offer complete flexibility when it comes to updates. In just a few clicks you can update groups, apply other ClockTune profiles, enable or disable profit switch, update mining client and its configuration, update electricity costs and power consumption, or set temperature limits for one worker, multiple workers, or a specific group of workers.

For example, if you want to update electricity costs for all workers in group Phoenix, you would:

  1. Open the worker’s config.
  2. Load group Phoenix to the target list.
  3. Include Electricity costs to the updates.
  4. Enter the electricity costs.
  5. Save changes.

All of the workers in the group Phoenix would then be updated with new electricity cost value.

✔️ Bulk actions

From the workers’ list, there is a variety of actions available that can be executed on some of the workers or on all workers. Usually, the procedure for executing the action is the following:

  1. Filter the workers to which you want to apply an action, for example, all workers that are mining ETH.
  2. Click on the checkbox to select all workers or a few of them.
  3. Click on the Action for X workers.
  4. Select the action that you want to apply, for example, Switch and then config template.
  5. The action will be sent to all selected workers.

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