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This article is part of a series of articles highlighting several different features of Mission Control in more details. The topic of this article are the Adventures of Mission Control:

Quick summary: The Adventure game mode allows players to earn Reward Points along with experience. Every day, a new adventure is introduced, challenging players to accomplish various objectives related to Alien Worlds NFTs. The greater the number of objectives a player fulfills, the higher their score and, consequently, their portion of the Reward Points prize pool designated for that particular adventure. During an adventure, NFTs used are sent on the adventure until it concludes, which may span multiple weeks.

The adventure feature in Mission Control is a game mode that revolves around using Alien Worlds NFTs in a unique way. In order to fulfil objectives for the adventures, players can send Alien Worlds NFTs on the adventure. The NFTs will really be on that adventure for the duration of the adventure. E.g. you cannot use the tools sent on adventure for mining in Alien Worlds or for another adventure. Once the adventure is finished, you can claim back your NFTs.

You don’t have to send NFTs to start an adventure. Thus you can start an adventure while sending in zero, one, two or three NFTs. Starting it with zero NFTs on the adventure will result in a personal score of 100. Fulfilling objectives with NFTs increases your score for the adventure.

  • An adventure will have seven objectives for new players in Mission Control. You will unlock an additional objective slot at Mission Control level 5, 10 and 15 each.
  • You need enough MC points for the respective adventure to start it.
  • A new adventure will appear once per day, usually slightly less than 24 hours after the last one appeared and will be joinable for 25 hours.

Once you claim back an adventure, you will get back your NFTs (if any of yours were on that adventure), receive the Reward Points and the experience for the adventure. While the experience is only depending on participation and the duration of the adventure, the Reward Points you receive depend on several different factors.

First, your personal score is compared to the total score of the adventure. If, for example, you fulfill enough objectives to reach a personal score of 500 for an adventure, and the total score for this adventure is 25,000, then you will receive 2% of the total Reward Points for this adventure. So if this adventure has a total reward of 10,000 Reward Points, you will receive 200 Reward Points upon claiming back the adventure as your personal reward share for this adventure. Thus joining less popular adventures might be an efficient way to use your MC points, even if your personal score might also be lower on that adventure than on others.

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