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5 min readOct 30, 2023

Mission Control is a weekly questing platform that extends the Alien Worlds Metaverse, adding both rewards and content.

Mission Control is constantly evolving, adding features and improving the user experience. As a consequence of this process, it also becomes more complex over time. The goal of this article is guiding new users on their first steps — as well as give more experienced explorers deeper insights into the details of how our stuff works.

Mission Control is a versatile platform that merges gameplay with strategic tools and quality-of-life enhancements within the Alien Worlds ecosystem. Serving as a dynamic questing hub, it not only provides an engaging method to earn Trilium and Shards. It also offers valuable utilities such as the Tool and Land Favorites and Tool Tactician. Mission Control also empowers every player’s vote to have a meaningful impact on the weekly government elections in Alien Worlds. A quick overview over some of our features:

Tool Tactician

The Tool Tactician is designed to help players calculate the potential TLM and Shards they would have earned per hour using a specific tool setup during the previous week. Additionally, it offers a convenient summary of a tool setup across all available land types.
Release article: Tool Tactician Launched

Mine Maximizer

The Mine Maximizer is a great tool for players who use TLM-focused tools of higher rarities. It helps them find the best planet to mine on, based on where TLM is currently available the most. It also lets players easily switch their current land to the most efficient TLM mining land type, which is Geothermal Springs, on the planet that has the highest TLM availability for their tool setup. Players can choose to use this feature directly in the Mining Button on our website.
Release article: Mine Maximizer

Land and Tool Favorites

If you instead have a more Shard-focused or mixed gear, our land and tool favorites might be worth to have a look at. They enable players to swiftly switch between their preferred lands and sets of tools. It works similar to Mine Maximizer for TLM-focused miners — but from among your personally set of favorite lands. It still works by a single click of a button, with the option to optimize for Shards instead of TLM.
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Within Mission Control, there is TLM allocated as Voting Power on the planets Eyeke, Naron, and Neri. When players earn Shards in the Alien Worlds Metaverse, they also accumulate Voting Power within Mission Control. This Voting Power empowers them to select the candidates they wish to back. Mission Control uses this Voting Power to support the top three ranked players on each of these three planets in the weekly Alien Worlds Syndicate elections.
Feature Spotlight: Voting

Weekly Quests and Reward Points

The Weekly Quests offer players a set of quests to accomplish. Currently, these are limited to Mission Control internal objectives, but there’s potential to include quests from other projects centered around Alien Worlds. As players finish these quests, they not only gain experience but also accumulate Reward Points. The higher the number of Reward Points a player has, the larger their share of the weekly Mission Control TLM prize pool they are exchanged for.
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Level System and Experience

Upon joining Mission Control you start your journey within the world of Mission Control. You earn experience by activities like finishing quests, playing Outpost Builder or claiming adventures. Experience let’s you advance in the Mission Control level system. Higher levels increase the amount of Reward Points you earn from quests, as well as offering other benefits.
Feature Spotlight: Level System and Experience


This game mode allows players to earn extra Reward Points along with experience. Every day, a new adventure is introduced, challenging players to accomplish various objectives related to Alien Worlds NFTs. The greater the number of objectives a player fulfills, the higher their score and, consequently, their portion of the Reward Points prize pool designated for that particular adventure. During an adventure, NFTs used are sent on the adventure until it concludes, which may span multiple weeks.
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MC Points

In order to perform actions within the weekly reward system, you need Mission Control points. As an example, you will need MC Points to start adventures or to claim your weekly reward. You earn these automatically upon mining Shards in the Alien Worlds Metaverse, by our Daily Claim feature, or by playing the Outpost Builder (see below). In addition, sometimes there are events to earn additional MC Points, e.g. by community activities on the Mission Control Discord.
Feature Spotlight: MC Points

Outpost Builder

Our Outpost Building Game relates to building-centered idle games known from earlier web based games, but with some twists. It serves as means to earn Shards and MC Points independent of your mining in the Alien Worlds mining game. The premise of the Outpost Builder: Mission Control needs you to establish a new outpost in regions that promise plenty of resources. Each season, you construct buildings to extract resources, which can be sold to Mission Control for MC Points. At the end of season, there is a leaderboard and the most active builders gain additional rewards.
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Earning Shards

There are currently two ways of earning Alien Worlds Shards in Mission Control: on the one side by finishing in the Top 75 of the End of Season leaderboard in Outpost Builder. On the other side by helping Zapp with his tasks in Zapp’s Zap Emporium. For more details, please refer to our Feature Spotlight: Earning Shards on Mission Control.


Much like popular crowdfunding platforms, players have the ability to initiate campaigns and present incentives to backers. Each campaign specifies a target funding amount, a timeframe for the campaign’s duration, and comprehensive details about the campaign itself. In cases where a campaign reaches its full funding goal, the creator can collect the funds after the designated funding period concludes. Conversely, if the campaign falls short of its funding goal, the contributed funds are reimbursed to the supporters.
Release Article: Crowdfunding platform launched

CPU and Background Tasks

On top of what’s been mentioned, we also help players with their CPU needs on some actions on Mission Control. In times of dire need for CPU, this will help out newer players and experienced players alike. For more details on this, you can read our Feature Spotlight: CPU and Background Tasks.

Oh, and while we are at it, there is also a nice summary out there of who we are, developing Mission Control, and what we want:
Our Vision: Lets build the future

If you are still looking for more information, please visit us at our Discord!