Feature Spotlight: CPU and Background Tasks

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2 min readNov 2, 2023


This article is part of a series of articles highlighting several different features of Mission Control in more details. The topics of this article are CPU staked by Mission Control and how our background tasks work.

Quick summary: Mission Control helps players with their CPU needs on some actions on Mission Control. In times of dire need for CPU, this will help out newer players and experienced players alike. It also helps covering CPU for Mission Control background tasks players trigger by their actions in the background.

Whenever you claim your Voting Power on Mission Control you will also help checking whether Mission Control currently needs to run some background tasks. Which then will be kicked off, if applicable. More technical: you e.g. trigger that MC starts a new adventure. It is not your account that does the action, you just trigger it. This helps Mission Control run smoothly. Also, you don’t have to pay the respective CPU for the transaction, CPU for this is covered by Mission Control. Actions to be triggered by for example include:

  • Starting new adventures
  • Trigger a new reward week
  • Pay out or return TLM from finished crowdfunding campaigns
  • Exchanging a small amount of TLM from MC to WAX if needed by MC
  • Adding new live datapoints to be used by the Tool Tactician
  • Steps in the end of season wrap-up in the Outpost Builder

In the future, especially with new features, more background tasks will be added to the list to ensure Mission Control can always run fully on-chain at all times, as it always did. This way Mission Control works independent of any human input by the team or any specific computer it would be running on, it just needs the WAX blockchain to be operational.

In addition to claiming Voting Power, you can also help Mission Control with its administrative tasks by spinning the wheel on our Daily Reward game. You can do this once per day and receive at least 100 MC Points in return — possibly even up to 50,000 MC Points.

On the flipside, if you wish to opt-out of firing background tasks for Mission Control, you can do so by using the opt-out button in your User Settings. You won’t receive any CPU and no longer help Mission Control run smoothly. (Checking for a new week is necessary for technical reasons, though, and can’t be opted out.)

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