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This article is part of a series of articles highlighting several different features of Mission Control in more details. The topic of this article is level system of Mission Control:

Quick summary: Upon joining Mission Control you start your journey within the world of Mission Control. You earn experience by activities like finishing quests, playing Outpost Builder or claiming adventures. Experience let’s you advance in the Mission Control level system. Higher levels increase the amount of Reward Points you earn from quests, as well as offering other benefits.

When joing Mission Control, each account starts at level 1. To gain levels you will need experience, which can be gathered by activities like completing quests and upon claiming finished adventures. Quests give the listed value as experience right upon finishing their task. So if a quest is listed with a value of five it will give you five experience for each completion, if it is listed with a value of fifteen, then it will give you 15 experience. No other modifiers apply to experience.

You can also get experience upon claiming back finished adventures. The amount of experience for adventures is roughly based on the duration of the adventure: the lowest amount of experience an adventures gives is ten, the highest amount is 270 for the longest category among adventures.

Playing Outpost Builder will also reward you with experience at the end of a season, based on your building activity during that season.

Higher levels in Mission Control will increase the amount of Reward Points you earn from completing Quests. At level 1 you will gain 100% of the listed value of a quest as Reward Points. At level 10, for example, you already receive 155% of Reward Points for completing Quests, at level 15 you receive 200%.

In addition to increased Reward Points from quests, you also get other benefits from advancing through the ranks. As an example, you receive an additional objective per adventure once you have reached the levels 5, 10 and 15 each.

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