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This article is part of a series of articles highlighting several different features of Mission Control in more details. This article is for those who want to dive deeper into the details of the Outpost Builder. We assume you already know the overview article and want to find more insights and help on your way to the best strategy — or you just want to know some of the numbers behind the scenes.

Quick summary: our Outpost Building Game relates to building-centered idle games known from earlier web based games, but with some twists. It serves as means to earn MC Points ✮ independent of your mining in the Alien Worlds mining game. Each season, you construct buildings to extract resources, which can be sold to Mission Control for MC Points ✮. At the end of each season, the most active builders gain some additional rewards.

Season Structure

In the Outpost Builder, players compete for MC Points ✮ and Shards in four-week seasons. Most of the MC Points ✮ will be given out using the Spaceport, a special building within the Outpost Builder. On your way to the season leaderboards, however, it will be needed to strategize, plan ahead and use your Alien Worlds NFTs wisely.

NFT Bonuses

Once you reach Level 5 / 15 / 25 with buildings, you can increase their efficiency by staking your Alien Worlds NFTs. The magnitude of the increase depends on the rarity and shine of the NFT. (NFTs which do not have a shine are treated as Stone.) Here is an overview for the possible increase:

An overview of bonuses the NFTs provide in buildings

Production Buildings

These buildings will automatically generate Я every second. Costs and Я production of the different buildings vary, although the production increase per building level remains constant for each building.

Here is an overview for the NFT types needed and the production each building generates:


The Exploder is a manual mining facility that yields Я. Its strength increases based on your production buildings as well as its level, but it has a minimum yield of 100 Я if you have no automatic production rate yet. It is advised to use the Exploder wisely because you can only deploy it 10 times per day (UTC), at a cooldown of 15 minutes between uses. The first use of the day grants five times as many resources as a normal use.

Once you have production, it will generate one minute of your current production for each level of the Exploder. You can further improve the Exploder by using Alien Worlds tools to increase the yields. Staking these NFTs towards the Exploder is possible at level 5/15/25. Remember you can’t use these NFTs for anything else until the end of the season, so don’t send your Alien Worlds mining tools away!


The building enables you to exchange your Я for MC Points ✮. (Additionally, it permits the exchange of your weekly Reward Points for Я, if you so wish.) However, due to travel times to the Mission Control headquarter, each use of the Spaceport triggers a cooldown, preventing you from exchanging Я for MC Points ✮ for one hour.

Each upgrade to the spaceport increases the output you gain by roughly 1%. Also, you can stake Alien Worlds arms to it at level 5/15/25. These arms are used to keep space pirates at bay during the travels and as a consequence the Spaceport can perform better.

The spaceport functions similarly to a swap pool on an exchange. This means that the exchange rate is influenced by the collective actions of all players on Mission Control.

Each level of the Spaceport, as well as the NFT enhancement, provides bonuses when exchanging Я for MC Points ✮. Exchanging reward points for Я is not affected, though.

How MC Points ✮ are added to the swap pool:

  • At the start of a season Mission Control provides base liquidity on both, Я and MC Points ✮
  • In regular intervals more MC Points ✮ are added to the pool and used to buy (withdraw) Я
  • A percentage of all MC Points ✮ spent all over Mission Control is used to buy (withdraw) Я — this is the main source of MC Points ✮ in the Spaceport
  • Players who spend weekly Reward Points add additional MC Points ✮ to the pool and receive Я in return

How resources Я are added to the swap pool:

  • At the start of a season Mission Control provides base liquidity on both, Я and MC Points ✮
  • Players who trade Я for MC Points ✮ provide Я for the pool


The storage facility is pretty straight forward. Players cannot gain more Я than their storage allows by any means. The storage capacity doubles with each upgrade of the building. Your storage performs better if you stake Alien Worlds minions to it at level 5/15/25. Storage just works better if there is someone to sort out things and clean from time to time. Which results in more space available to store the relevant stuff.

End of Season Rewards

Each season there is a leaderboard depicting the most active builders of the season. Remember, the majority of MC Points ✮ in the Outpost Building Game is given out through the Spaceport. Mission Control will, however, in addition pay out some bonus MC Points ✮, as well as 250k Alien Worlds’ Shards, for the 75 best ranked players as End of Season rewards. And all players gain a tiny amount of bonus Я for their next season. This is all based on your building activity throughout the recent season. Building activity is the simple sum of all building levels you built counted separately. For people wanting a formula: per building it is (level+1)*(level/2). Then add all buildings together.
So Level 3, for example, means 1+2+3 = 6 for this building, or using the formula: (3+1)*(3/2)=(4)*(1,5)=6.
Another example: Level 10 → (10+1)*(10/2) = (11)*(5) = 55

The End of Season rewards are split among the Top 75 players, calculated by Building Score and bonus multipliers based on rank:

Rank 1–3: Building Score x3
Rank 4–10: Building Score x2
Rank 11–75: Building Score
Rank 76+: No End of Season Reward

Example payout: in a scenario with 10,000 total MC Points ✮ as the season end reward, split among three players with scores of 500, 750, and 1500:

  • Player 1 (500 score) gets approximately 18.18%, receiving around 1,818 MC Points ✮.
  • Player 2 (750 score) gets about 27.27%, earning around 2,727 MC Points ✮.
  • Player 3 (1500 score) gets roughly 54.55%, gaining around 5,455 MC Points ✮.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to hop into our Discord and ask — quite likely others will be interested in the answer as well. We hope players can enjoy our gamified way of distributing MC Points ✮ and Alien Worlds’ Shards to the more active players. After all, that is what we are all here for: to have fun while earning.

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