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This article is part of a series of articles highlighting several different features of Mission Control in more details. The topic of this article is the voting system of Mission Control:

Quick summary: Within Mission Control, there is TLM allocated as Voting Power on the planets Eyeke, Naron, and Neri. When players earn Shards in Alien Worlds, they also accumulate Voting Power within Mission Control. This Voting Power empowers them to select the candidates they wish to back. Mission Control uses this Voting Power to support the top three ranked players on each of these three planets in the weekly Alien Worlds Syndicate elections.

Whenever you earn Shards in Alien Worlds, in addition to the Shards, you also earn Voting Power within Mission Control. You can claim them by hitting “Claim Votes” in the “Ranking” tab on the voting page of Mission Control.

You can then use your Voting Power to vote for candidates on the planets Naron, Eyeke and/or Neri within Mission Control. For each election of the planetary DAOs in Alien Worlds, Mission Control will use the allocated TLM per planet to vote. The candidates who received the top three voting power in Mission Control will receive the support for this election. This means these candidates will receive vote power in the Alien Worlds planetary DAOs game in the following amount each:

Naron: 1.3 million Vote Power
Neri: 6.8 million Vote Power
Eyeke: 6.9 million Vote Power

What this means for the election depends on the circumstances of the election: in some cases this might be enough to be custodian for the respective planet, in other cases it will not.

Quick example:
candidate A has 3 million Voting Power in Mission Control
candidate B has 4 million Voting Power in Mission Control
candidate C has 5 million Voting Power in Mission Control
candidate D has 6 million Voting Power in Mission Control

This example means that the candidates B+C+D will receive the allocated votes from Mission Control. They will all three receive the same amount of votes from Mission Control. So their ranking as Alien Worlds DAO candidates will ultimately depend on how much Vote Power they receive from other sources in the Alien Worlds DAO system.

Also be aware that Voting Power in Mission Control is subject to decay:
* Active votes on a candidate in Mission Control decay by 7.5% per day
* Claimed but unused votes will decay by the same 7.5% per day
* Unclaimed votes will not decay if your last claim was less than eight days ago
* All unclaimed votes will decay at 7.5% per day if you haven’t claimed your Voting Power in the last eight days

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