Next Generation Finance is coming to reality with the Mirian Social Wallet app!

Beta Signup — Mirian Social Wallet

It is with great pleasure that we’re launching our Beta waitlist campaign for the Mirian Social Wallet:

Cool, but what does this mean?

You can read more on the capabilities of the Mirian Social Wallet on our previous posts here and here. Essentially, you can send, receive, and store CryptoAssets securely and browse your social network for financial activities. Invite your friends and launch Social Wallets to save money, invest, or spend together using blockchain technology.

Bridging the gap between Crypto and Fiat

The gap between the banking world and the blockchain world of decentralized finance is being closed by the Mirian Social Wallet. One of the first updates of the Beta version will be the ability to link your bank account (US only for now) and load dollars into your wallets. You will easily be able to swap dollars for any CryptoAsset, or access the endless world of cheaper and better financial services on the Ethereum blockchain and more. Best part is, you’ll be able to follow how your friends are using the platform, gain insights on saving, spending, and investing, and invite or join them on their discovery of this new frontier!

So what are you waiting for? SIGNUP NOW and share your link with your friends and followers to move up the waitlist to receive the benefits first. We plan on keeping the Mirian Social Wallet exclusive for our community and initial userbase for the near future, so your position in the line will let you get your hands on our Social Wallet and enter the next generation of finance with your friends!

Cheers to a better financial future for our generation and for all,

The Team @ Mirian