November 2018 MIX Update

There has been a lot of news from the MIX ecosystem recently, so I thought this would be a good time for a project update.

Hard fork

The MIX hard fork at block 3,000,000 occurred without issue on 4th November. The Ethereum difficulty bomb was defused and the block time reduced from 42s to 12s within 12 hours. The block reward remains at 5 MIX as described in the original issuance schedule.

The EVM and difficulty algorithm has now been upgraded to Byzantium. When MIX Browser is being launched, all the key MIX smart contracts will be redeployed with Solidity 0.5 targeting Byzantium EVM.

To synchronize MIX with Geth you now need to use MIX Multi-geth.

Parity just needs the updated chain specification file. Soon MIX will be integrated directly into the Parity client.

Ledger, MyCrypto, MyEtherWallet

In addition to Coinomi, MIX can now be stored on Ledger hardware wallets, MyCrypto, and MyEtherWallet

Thanks to Michael Krufky for facilitating these integrations.

Brian Heishman to develop web-based MIX Hub

The MIX Browser in development since May should be released by the end of the year. This is a desktop app for Windows, Mac & Linux and the reference implementation of MIX.

MIX Hub will be a web-based alternative with no download necessary. Think MyEtherWallet for content. As both apps are running on MIX, content published with either app will be accessible on the other. Brian has already started working on it.

Both projects will be renamed before launch — suggestions welcome!

Brian’s goal with MIX Hub is to create an environment where users can connect, share thoughts, ideas, and information in a truly uncensorable way. Initially, this will consist of implementing “tweet-like” 140 character post, a personal profile, retweet/reply/like functionality, and a following system that will use MIX trusted accounts smart contract to build your community. All in a fully decentralized way, built on top of the MIX protocol.

The MIX crowdfund smart contract is being used to directly finance the development of MIX Hub.

New mining pools

MIX now has four mining pools:


The MIX Discord channel has become very active — drop in to participate in the community.