Machine Learning and User Experience: A Few Resources

Michelle Carney
Machine Learning and UX
5 min readSep 10, 2019


In the past couple years, we’ve seen a huge increase in folks working in the intersection of machine learning and user experience (or data science and design, ai and art, and a ton of different other names!)

It has been a little bit of a challenge to keep track of who is doing what, so I have been keeping a running list of great resources that I’d recommend folks checking out if they are interested in this field.

This medium article will serve as a snapshot in time to some of my favorite resources as of Summer 2019 (and updated on a rolling basis), and organized roughly by the group they came from. These are rough notes and I am trying my best to get these resources out into the community, so apologies for not sharing more detail and going into depth! (And super apologies if I left something out — happy to include it in future iterations!)

Please credit this article if you find any of these sources useful and plan to use them in newsletters, other resource aggregating websites, syllabi, etc. for the future! I’ve worked really hard to find these articles, work with different companies and teams to get them to share these, and do SEO to make these machine-discoverable. “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” HK — Please help normalize the practice of ML/AI and UX/design by sharing sources (like this list and @mluxmeetup) and helping us all build a community!

Let’s get started!

Machine Learning and UX (MLUX) Meetup Resources

Companies publishing resources and case studies in the field of ML+UX










UX Research for ML and AI

Interactive walk throughs of Machine Learning

Other Algorithms/AI + Design

For UX/Designers looking to learn AI/ML

Data Science + Machine Learning Resources

Data Driven Personas: Personas informed by Unsupervised Learning (k-means or hierarchical clustering, PCA, etc)

Machine Learning Prototyping + AI Art

Data Visualization + Exploring your data/examining bias/etc

AI Ethics + Future of AI/Automation

There is so much out there! But here are a few of my favorites :)

UC Berkeley-affiliated groups in AI Ethics, Policy, Data Science accessibility for all space

*= Fellowship sponsor of the Machine Learning and User Experience Meetup



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Machine Learning and UX

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