Android Penetration Testing Courses

Android is the most widely used device OS in the world. Every detail of our lives is saved in those devices. Compromising a device means compromising your identity and sometimes compromising a company.

I have seen a lot of Android Penetration testing Courses. But most of them don’t cover all of the threats we face in the Android world. So, I decided to start a course to explain every step in this journey.

Penetration Testing Diva Application

The Damn Insecure Vulnerable Application is an APK developed by Android security community to teach security concepts for programmers. The following list is going through every step of this vulnerable application and It will be updated as I add articles to medium.

  1. Prepare For Penetration Testing
  2. Insecure Logging
  3. Hard Coding Issues — Part 1
  4. Insecure Data Storage — Part 1
  5. Insecure Data Storage — Part 2
  6. Insecure Data Storage — Part 3
  7. Insecure Data Storage — Part 4
  8. Insecure Input Validation
  9. Access Control
  10. Hard Coding Issues — Part 2

More is coming soon …

Final words

Please feel free to add comments and questions in the every step. I am looking for your help to improve course as much as possible.