Mobius November Newsletter

New Mobius Website & Beyond

The new Mobius website showcases our current DApp Store v2 and Mobius Mobile wallet product offerings.

With an eye towards the future, we are taking a mobile first strategy towards unifying global markets with a focus on financially related oracle data. The ultimate aim is to significantly expand economic inclusion to billions of people with limited or no access to the modern financial ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates.

New Mobius Mobile App Updates

The latest upcoming Mobius mobile app updates allow users to search for cryptocurrencies and add your favorites to our watch list.

Now simply search and add a crypto of your choice. Additional features include daily price percentage changes and USD denominated values to date.

Furthermore, a candlestick chart feature will allow you to search and easily track technical trends.

Introducing The Mobius .NET SDK for DApp Store v2.0

The Mobius .NET SDK is a library that works with any .NET Standard or .NET Core API or application. This also means that any Unity Project running on version 2018.1 or later can now utilize this SDK for in-app cryptocurrency payments with 0 fees. The SDK has a target framework of netstandard2.0 making it compatible with a wide variety of .NET projects.

It is now public on Github and Nuget.



Flappy Bird API Example is also public and tested.



Universal Governance Protocol Beta Successful Deployment & Mobius Community Prize DApp Winner

The Mobius Global Hackathon Community Prize winner goes to Swinvoice in the DApp Store. Swinvoice is an invoicing system that makes it easy for users to send invoice and receive payment using Mobius (MOBI), Stellar (XLM), and credit/debit card charges. Swinvoice also supports P2P payments in escrow.

The winner was selected in-app by the community using Mobius’ Universal Governance Protocol voting method in beta. The successful deployment of the Universal Governance Protocol allowed community members to cast 1 vote for their favorite DApp in the competition by staking 5,000 MOBI.

Audit Voting Results for Mobius’ Universal Governance Protocol

The Mobius Global Hackathon Community Prize vote results can be found here:

For example, let’s verify the following account voted for option ‘3’: `GBG2OQJEB44RSH54Q74BBD4VHFBQDUDXO7IG3NVSBYRFCZB3GVN4EGH3`

1. Look for a payment from the voter’s account to `GDAPPTUC3DQEHBK6YM4EZLSQC3N3ZSDFT6HUFELK73IXZ3EEK5YJGO2H`:

2. Click on the Transaction ID in the payment header to open the transaction page. In our example it’s the following:

3. Get the vote string by concatenating the vote option, voter account, and the secret string: `xgJEHy3f6cGbgrbkHGtvHbFp`. In our example, we’ll get: `3GBG2OQJEB44RSH54Q74BBD4VHFBQDUDXO7IG3NVSBYRFCZB3GVN4EGH3xgJEHy3f6cGbgrbkHGtvHbFp`

4. Calculate SHA256 base64 digest from the vote string (for example, using, in our case we get: `gibuXcIyeb9RDC/IRgyuBmibdLGLZ9yPKEt0q1u56Dk`

5. Verify that the calculated value equals the vote transaction memo hash.

Auditing blockchain-based voting with Mobius makes things more transparent, decentralized, and verifiable. Yet, another real world use case Mobius is delivering for mass application.

Welcoming New Team Members!

Kyle McCollom

Kyle McCollom is a serial entrepreneur who joins the team as Head of Growth. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Kyle started and ran a consumer e-commerce company for seven years called Everly. He is from Nashville, TN, and also runs the unofficial Stellar guide.

Mateus Zitelli

Mateus Zitelli is an accomplished computer scientist and entrepreneur who brings strong mobile and full-stack web development experience to the team. Hailing from Brazil, Mateus started programming at 14. During his university years he conducted advanced AI research in unsupervised machine learning and computer vision at Australian National University. Seeking to have a greater direct social impact he Co-Founded a BoostVC backed startup called Collect — the easiest way to edit and share 360° videos. This app became the most popular mobile income generating 360° video editor to date.

Chris Cole

Chris Cole joins the team to lead UX/UI design for our product and brand strategy. Chris has worked as a creative director for 7 years leading the design efforts of startups. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and was previously the Creative Director of Crystal Knows and Co-Founder of Everly. He will be guiding our branding and design process and ensuring that the products we put out are usable and beautiful. He’s a native Spanish speaker, a hobbyist, and a lover of audiobooks.


Mobile Software Engineer

We are hiring exceptional mobile engineers with React Native and Firebase experience. If you or anyone in your network might be a good fit, apply today here!

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