Ultimate Guide to Milestones!

An innovative loyalty program built for the Mojoverse.

Milestones by Mojoverse
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Imagine earning one of these digital hand crafted trophies (artist: Cliff Falzon) by simply collecting and holding the NFTs you already love. Now what if I told you these achievements also have special powers beyond the fine art? This guide will explain everything. ✨

Collections qualify for Milestones:

Each collection has pre-determined holding strategies you must achieve to earn Milestones.

How it works

Hold the right Mojo NFTs to achieve Milestones!

Collect Mojo NFTs! Some are free and easy, others are for sale. We create the blueprint, you master it! There are 28 total strategies to master.

Hold the NFTs required (per strategy) and delist for 90 days to achieve and claim a Milestone. Additional milestones can be earned every 90 days.

Rewards are never guaranteed, but we always look for opportunities to give back to Milestone holders. In the future when regulations are clearer, we hope to launch a token designed to reward Milestone holders.

Let’s get started, keep reading below. 👇

MojoHeads Strategies

Our flagship collection, MojoHeads, features 19 total Milestones to achieve!

Diamond Hand
Hold any single MojoHead

MH Ninja
Hold any 3 MojoHeads

MH Hero
Hold any 10 MojoHeads

Silver Unicorn
Hold every MojoHead artist from any single group (A, B, or C)

Gold Unicorn
Hold every MojoHead artist from all groups (A, B, and C)

MH Genesis
Hold 3 MojoHeads from Group A

MH Expressions
Hold 3 MojoHeads of the same expression (any rarity)

MH Artist
Hold 3 MojoHeads of the same artist

MH Brush
Hold any MojoHead (Artist Edition)

Brush Hero
Hold any 3 MojoHeads (Artist Edition)

MH Rare
Hold 3 MojoHeads with the same rare expression

MH Epic
Hold 3 MojoHeads with the same epic expression

MH Frame
Hold 3 MojoHeads with the same fancy frame

MH Background
Hold 3 MojoHeads with the same fancy background

MH Signatures
Hold 5 MojoHeads with an artist signature

MH Graphite
Hold 3 MojoHeads with a graphite name plate

MH Chrome
Hold 3 MojoHeads with a chrome name plate

MH Holo
Hold 1 MojoHead with a hologram name plate

MH Holo Hero
Hold 3 MojoHeads with a hologram name plate

View examples of every strategy above:
👁 MojoHeads Visual Guide to Milestones

You must hold and delist your MojoHeads for 90 days to claim a Milestone.

MojoPals Strategies

Our PFP collection, MojoPals, features 4 Milestones to achieve!

Pals Ninja
Hold 5 unique MojoPals

Pals Hero
Hold 10 unique MojoPals

Legendary Pals
Hold any 3 unique Legendary MojoPals

Golden Pal
Hold 1 of every MojoPal in the collection!

View examples of every strategy above:
👁 MojoPals Visual Guide to Milestones

You must hold and delist your MojoPals for 90 days to claim a Milestone.

MojoLive Strategies

MojoLive Moments, features 6 Milestones to achieve!

Legendary Moment
Hold 1 Legendary MojoLive Moment

Moments Ninja
Hold any 3 MojoLive Moments

Moments Hero
Hold any 5 MojoLive Moments

Chrome Mic
Hold a set of 10 ML Attendance Tokens (1–10, 11–20, etc)

Holo Mic
Hold a set of 25 ML Attendance Tokens (1–25, 26–50, etc)

Golden Mic
Hold a set of 50 ML Attendance Tokens (1–50, 51–100)

View examples of every strategy above:
👁 MojoLive Visual Guide to Milestones

You must hold and delist your MojoLive Moments for 90 days to claim a Milestone. MojoLive Attendance tokens do not require a holding period.

MobyHeads Strategies

The OG collection, MobyHeads, features 2 Milestones to achieve!

Diamond Moby
Hold any 1 MobyHead

Moby Hero
Hold any 3 MobyHeads

You must hold and delist your MobyHeads for 90 days to claim a Milestone.

Discord Strategies

Our Discord collection features 4 milestones to achieve!

Earn level 3 in discord

Earn level 10 in discord

Earn level 20 in discord

Earn level 27 in discord

These specific Milestones are given out monthly based on your highest earned level. Discord XP levels reset on the 1st of each month. Join the Mojoverse Discord to start achieving!

Poker Strategies

Earn 2 different milestones through our Poker Tournaments

Poker Hand
Participate in a Mojoverse Poker Tournament

Poker Champ
Win a Mojoverse Poker Tournament

Poker Tournaments take place once a month. Trophies are claimable shortly after the tournament (usually same day).

Charm Strategies

Earn 3 different milestones for collecting charm and buying roles.

Charm Ninja
Buy in the Charm store for 10k Charm

Charm Hero
Buy in the Charm store for 25k Charm

Charm Wizard
Buy in the Charm store for 100k Charm

Join the Mojoverse Discord to access the Charm Store. Charm can be earned through Discord engagement.

Trophy Tiers

Each trophy has its own difficulty rating representing by the base. See the graphic below to view the 4 tiers.

The higher the tier, the more difficult it is to achieve. The total supply for each Milestone depends solely on how many others achieve that tier.

Safe to assume the higher the tier, the greater the reward. Some exceptions may apply.

Official Collection

The first set of 27 Milestones have been minted to Ethereum mainnet. These are ERC-1155 tokens where the total supply per token will vary based on how many are achieved (and minted).

Official Collection:
Milestones by Mojoverse

Every Milestone NFT is classified as a Soulbound Token (SBT)! This effectively means tokens cannot be sold or transferred. We chose this route to preserve the original achievement level intention. Nobody can buy your achievement. At the same time, burning for (future) rewards is still possible and will always be an option.

OpenSea collection is now available!

Milestones Dashboard

Checking and claiming your Milestones is now LIVE. It’s time, let’s find out which Milestones you’ve earned!

Access Milestones:
(also accessible from Mojoverse profile dropdown)

Claiming Milestones:
When you’ve achieved a Milestone (after 90 days), a claim button will appear. You can connect any wallet to claim, and your Milestones will be minted directly to your registered airdrop wallet. You’ll also have the option to claim ALL Milestones at once or a single Milestone. However, only one total claim can be made per 24 hour period.

Latest version of Milestones Dashboard

Milestone FAQs

Last Updated: May 8, 2023

Do I need to stake my NFTs to earn Milestones?
Simply delist your NFTs and you’ll begin progressing toward a Milestone. Most Milestones require holding and delisting for 90 days. This process is done seamlessly behind the scenes and can be tracked from your Milestone Dashboard.

I have Mojo NFTs spread out on different wallets, is that ok?
Yes! Up to 10 wallets can be added to your Mojoverse account. We treat all wallets as one. Even retroactively.

When will the Milestones be available to claim?
Claiming is now live as of Sept 28th! Milestones are available for claim after a 90 day period. Keep in mind, your NFTs must be delisted to qualify.

Can I claim more than 1 Milestone at a time?
Yes! You have the option to claim a single milestone or all milestones. There is a caveat. There is a limit of only one total claim per day (refreshes 11:30p PT). The reasoning for this limit is for both security purposes and to keep gas costs at a minimum.

How much does gas cost to claim Milestones?
We’ve done a LOT of work to minimize gas costs with optimized contracts. However, depending on rates of gas on Ethereum, the cost to claim Milestones could be costly. We recommend claiming all Milestones in a single transaction when GWEI is below 25 to minimize gas costs.

I’ve connected my wallets, but getting message “Report Processing…”. What’s this mean?
If you’ve just setup your wallets for the first time, your initial report will be generated on the next refresh. Return the next day to view your report.

Do Milestones provide utility?
They’re more than a pretty trophy! As a Milestone holder, you’ll qualify for future rewards or airdrops. As a loyal collector or participant of the Mojoverse, it’s our goal give back whenever possible.

What happened to the official Charm token and store?
As of May 8th, the Charm token/store has been postponed due to the current regulatory environment. It’s our hope that sound regulatory guidance and/or laws will emerge from the SEC within 2023. At this time, we’ve determined launching a token isn’t worth the risks.

Can I sell or transfer Milestones?
Milestones are ERC-1155 soulbound tokens (non-transferrable). This means the wallets that earned the tokens, earned them. This maintains the integrity of the achievement and still provides the ability to burn them for rewards.

My Milestones were minted to the wrong wallet, what do I do?
Since these are non-transferrable, they will be safe in any wallet you’ve registered with (even hot wallets). We treat all your registered wallets as one. The only option you’ll have is to burn them for tokens or specific rewards once those are available.

How do I change the Milestones destination wallet (airdrop wallet)?
In the Mojoverse connect settings, you can select which wallet you prefer all tokens to be minted or airdropped. You can link up to 5 wallets in your Mojoverse account. Once you’ve switched your wallet, this will apply to upcoming Milestones not yet 100% achieved.

How often can I earn Milestones?
You can earn all Milestones simultaneously (1 per strategy). Once you’ve claimed a Milestone from a particular strategy, the 90-day clock starts again and another Milestone can be claimed once complete.

If you don’t find your question above, please open a support ticket from our Discord and we’d be happy to help.