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Mojoverse — Road Map 1.3

We peer into the crystal ball to unveil the magic ahead. 🔮

Updated April 11, 2022

🙏 Our Mission

We believe in artists. They’re humble, kind, gifted individuals. If you’ve never purchased NFT art from an independent creator, you‘re missing out on an experience you won’t forget. Art is personal. Art is emotional. It’s not just a pretty JPG. It’s so much more than that. Its beauty, freedom, self expression, purpose, and often validation. There’s no community on earth like it.

It’s our mission to expose the true magic behind these amazing creators and their personal artwork.

The Mojoverse is an ecosystem designed to empower NFT artists and their collectors. This road map is a simple overview of the products and tools we have planned over the next 6–12 months.

❤️ Angel Fund

Our mission involves giving back to the community. 20% of all sales and proceeds (collected by JoyPixels) will be set aside in an angel fund used to give back to the community in the form of art purchases, educational resources, artist grants, and giveaways.

As of April 3, 2022, the Angel Fund has spent ~33 ETH on various NFT artwork. In total, we’ve purchased over 300 pieces of art. To view some of the artwork we’ve acquired, visit the Angel Fund Vault.

👤 MojoHeads

We start with MojoHeads. The mission, help artists be seen.

An ambitious project to feature emerging artists as the collectible! A multi-year project that will be feature 500 artists and 10,500 total NFTs.

The artwork is created by our senior emoji design team at JoyPixels. Each artist collaborates with us to develop an accurate emoji character representation. Everything from the apparel, accessories, and smile.

After the default avatar is approved, we create 20 unique expressions ranging from common, rare, and epic. Mix that with other complimentary traits such as background, frame, and artist signature to create a collectible with 1,000’s of possible combinations.

MojoHeads is quickly being recognized as the official rookie NFT collectible for independent artists. Some emerging, some very established. The more well known artists from Group A and B include Yam (World of Women), Drift (Drifter Shoots), Sparky (Women & Weapons), and many others.

The most rare MojoHead can easily be spotted (hologram name plates)

MojoHeads Release Schedule 🗓

Due to the labor intensity of both onboarding new artists (avatar design, paperwork, signature capture, etc) and handcrafted nature for every new avatar expression; the release schedule for MojoHeads will be completed in approx. 18 groups.

Projected release dates:

  • Group A — Fri, Nov 19 (24 artists, 504 nfts) ✅
  • Group B — Tue, Feb 1 (26 artists, 546 nfts) ✅
  • Group C — Tue, Apr 5 (28 artists, 588 nfts) ✅
  • Group D and beyond TBD.

Group D date will be set once our floor has reached at least 0.5 ETH.

MojoHeads Utility

We believe NFT collectibles of this nature should provide utility beyond the art. As the Mojoverse expands and matures, the utility of each MH will gain tremendous access and freebies. What makes the Mojoverse shine will be its strong ecosystem.

  1. SecretMojo NFT (completed). A holiday themed mystery NFT was claimable in Dec 2021 for free for all Group A MojoHead holders. This NFT has now evolved into their permanent form, Mojo ID Mint Passes.
  2. MojoPals (Q2). MojoHeads debuts digital trading cards for popular PFPs! Our emoji design team at JoyPixels vectorizes popular PFPs. A periodic free claim for MojoHead holders, see article for more info.
  3. MojoMilestones (Q3). A special edition NFT collection designed by MojoHead artist Cliff Falzon. Each NFT is a unique piece of artwork that’s earned by holding MojoHeads (or MobyHeads). Hold milestones to earn $MOJO token.
  4. $MOJO Token (Q3). Our ecosystem token will unlock a wide range of future utility and upgrades. To qualify, you’ll need to hold and keep your MojoHeads listed at 2 ETH or more (or delist). The longer you hold, the more tokens you’ll receive. Daily snapshots are already taking place.
  5. MojoGrails (Q3). Only MH holders will have access to purchase or win exclusive art curated by official MojoHeads artists. This is artwork not found anywhere else, launched in an exclusively curated collection.
  6. MojoID (Q4). MojoID is your emoji identity that spans beyond the Mojoverse. Every MojoHead (Group A/B) will be able to claim one free MojoID. The official Mojoverse emoji will be ✨, and your free ID will start with this emoji. The actual MojoID tier will depend on the rarity (name plate) of your MojoHead.
  7. Much much more. MojoHeads qualify for exclusive giveaways from our Discord. Special Discord roles and VIP chat room access. Holding multiple MojoHeads is a great way to earn presale passes for upcoming MH mints (unique requirements for each mint).

👻 MojoPals — Q2 2022

The first digital trading card collection for PFPs. Each character is completely remastered in vector form by our senior emoji design team at JoyPixels.

MojoPal teasers, except for Chibi’s, are simply prototypes for now.

Every MojoPal is given free to holders of MojoHeads and the PFP project of that specific character.

We’ll release a pair of MojoPals for each PFP character every ~2 weeks.

A special claim event will take place in the MojoHeads Discord (MojoLive stage) and both projects will co-announce the event ahead of time. Attendance is required to claim a MojoPal.

For more info: MojoPals drops Tuesday, April 12!

🏆 MojoMilestones — Q3 2022

A special edition NFT collection designed by MojoHead artist Cliff Falzon. Each NFT is a unique piece of artwork that’s earned by holding MojoHeads (or MobyHeads).

What are Milestones?

  • A collection of handcrafted NFTs by Cliff Falzon
  • Each hyper-realistic piece was painted digitally using ProCreate
  • Each NFT represents an collector’s achievement
  • Hold Milestones to earn $MOJO tokens

Diamond hand qualifications:

  • List your Mojo NFT for at least 2 ETH, or delist
  • Do not transfer your Mojo NFT*
  • Do this for at least 90 days

Which Mojo NFTs qualify for milestones?

Do not qualify: MojoID Mint Pass, MojoHeads Presale Pass, MojoLive Tokens

Early artwork from the upcoming Milestones collection

Read more: Introducing the Mojo Milestones Collection

🪙 $MOJO Token — Q3 2022

Our ecosystem token will unlock a wide range of future utility and upgrades. Earning these tokens require you to hold certain Mojoverse NFTs. Read below for more details.

Potential Utility

  • Purchase MojoHead Presale Passes
  • Purchase MojoIDs
  • Access to MojoGrails Drops
  • Purchase Sought-After WL Spots
  • Upgrade your MojoHead
  • Future Collections

To qualify, you’ll need to hold and keep your MojoHeads (or MobyHeads) listed at 2 ETH or more (or delist) to earn Milestones. Holding Milestones is how you earn daily $MOJO.

More $mojo information available soon.

💎 MojoGrails — Q3 2022

We want to do more than just connect collectors with artists. MojoGrails makes it easier and cost effective for artists to drop new artwork exclusively to MojoHead holders.

What is MojoGrails?

  • A special art collection accessible exclusively for MojoHead holders
  • MojoHead holders can win or purchase artwork direct from MH artists
  • MH artists can mint selected artwork commission free
  • Exclusive collection built on the Ethereum network
  • $MOJO tokens required to mint MojoGrails

MojoCurated is still in early concept staging. More information will be available soon.

👑 MojoID —Q4 2022

Emoji as your identity is a fairly novel idea that’s gained some traction in 2021. Instead of letters & numbers, emoji can be used in its place to create a very compact username that can be used for practical purposes.

Imagine registering a username in 3 characters or less? Now imagine those characters being linked to apps and services both in the Mojoverse and beyond. It gets very interesting, quickly!

Why Emoji?

  • They’re universally accepted and understood worldwide
  • 1 billion ID combinations in just 3 characters or less
  • Pictures tell a more compelling story than a username

Use Cases:

  • Use your ID as your name or bio (no link required)
  • Lookup the owner of a MojoID at
  • Custom url with your MojoID… example: 🚀🌕
  • Auto-detect a MojoID via web browsing through extensions
  • MojoID instead of wallet addresses (like ENS domains)
  • Native apps and services in the MojoVerse

Here’s an outdated product trailer to help explain the concept. Keep in mind, this video was created earlier in 2021 and our product branding and direction has evolved since then.

How are we different from Yat or ENS?

  • All MojoIDs are 3 characters max (Yat = 5 characters)
  • Must hold a Mojo NFT (or partner NFT) to mint an ID
  • Personalize your MojoID NFT with your own photo
  • 1,000 unique emoji including country flags (Yat ~500)
  • Max supply of 100k-200k unique MojoIDs (TBD)
  • Unique native apps to empower the art community
  • We’re a Unicode compliant emoji font, since 2013

We’re not claiming to be better, just different. ✨

More: Everyone is asking… how does MojoID work?

💳 MojoID Mint Pass — Q4 2022

On January 19th, the full reveal of the SecretMojo gift boxes took place. As you tell by the title, SecretMojo evolved into the very first Mint Pass for our upcoming flagship platform MojoID.

The MojoID Mint Pass will act as the presale minting token for the inaugural MojoID mint coming later this year. Each mint pass can be exchanged for a MojoID within its chosen tier.

Each mint pass can be used to mint 1 MojoID (for cost of gas).

There are 879 Mint Passes already in circulation from the stealth mint of SecretMojo. These early mint passes will provide a large advantage due to their exclusive VIP group status. If you were lucky enough to obtain an early edition pass, you’ll have the advantage of enjoying the earliest access to registering the most valuable MojoIDs.

  • Total supply for MojoID Mint Passes is 5,000 (879 minted in presale).
  • Public sale is slated for late 2022 at a cost of 0.1 ETH
  • Each mint pass is exchangeable for 1 MojoID (only cost of gas)
  • Official OpenSea Collection

If you happen to hold a MojoHead, you enjoy the luxury of upgrading your pass to VIP A (front of the line access). You’ll need 1 MojoHead for every 1 MojoID Mint Pass you wish to upgrade.

The full alpha on how the mint passes work can be found in the MojoHeads Discord (#mojoid-pass). Full details will be released soon.

🏡 MojoSpace — Q4 2022

In the NFT art community, link-in-bio pages (such as LinkTree, Lynkfire) are necessary to easily access every essential marketplace and social profile. This important landing page should be easy to setup/maintain and provide advanced branding options (from buttons to backgrounds).

The goal of MojoSpace is to customize a link-in-bio platform specific to the needs of the NFT community, with NFT creators being the primary focus.

What is MojoSpace?

  • A new link-in-bio profile designed for artists and collectors
  • An exclusive profile for MojoID holders (ID required)
  • An easy profile to manage and customize
  • A space to share your story with the Mojoverse

MojoID and MojoSpace go together like PB & J. Your emoji username integrates nicely with your new space (profile).

🔥 MobyHeads (Genesis Collection)

If you were lucky enough to purchase one of 37 MobyHeads, you’re likely VERY happy with your decision. MobyHeads pre-date MojoHeads by a couple months and were an exclusive drop by our founder Moby.eth.

What MobyHead holders have received so far:

  • More than half have been airdropped free 1-of-1 NFT art
  • All 37 holders were airdropped a free MobyPunk (pixel art version of their MobyHead)
  • 2 MojoHeads VIP passes to the Group A and B mints
  • 1 MojoID Mint Pass
  • Access to a VIP MobyHeads Discord channel

MobyHeads Utility:

  • 1 MojoHeads VIP pass to EVERY MojoHeads mint 🤯
  • 1 free MojoID (hologram level, must start with a ✨)

MobyHead holders are the OGs of the Mojo family. These NFTs will always hold a special place and we’ll always take care of our OGs to the max. MobyHeads are the gift that keeps on giving.


Thank you for taking this journey with us, even if the journey was to the bottom of this road map. If you enjoy reading about our projects, you’ll love our Community Discord even more! Our community is one of the most diverse you’ll find. Blended with brilliant creators and enthusiastic collectors from around the world.

Don’t miss MojoLive very Wed at 9am PST (5pm UTC); where our co-founders Moby.eth, Marcie, and Casey broadcast live from the MojoHeads Discord! Every week is full of Mojo-related announcements, discussions, and giveaways. ✨




We empower NFT artists through our wide range of web3 ventures.

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