BREAKDOWN: The Truth About George Floyd’s Death

The medical breakdown of George Floyd’s death.

Jack Smith
The Molyneux Post


The court hearing for Derek Chauvin is yet to take place, so no definitive opinion can be made until all the evidence is available. However, with the autopsy report, one can make certain inferences about the case and gain a certain level of understanding about it. — This article was originally written in December 2020 and has been adpated and edited. Some parts of this article may contain outdated references.

Image: Jack Smith (The Molyneux Post)

‘T was late evening in Minneapolis on the 25th May 2020, when George Perry Floyd was pronounced dead shortly after an ordeal which saw him restrained on the floor for 8 minutes and 46 seconds by now former Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Michael Chauvin.

Floyd is said to have used a counterfit bill at a local store which resulted in the police being called after he refused to return the packet of cigarettes he had bought with said fake bill. Early reports stated that Mr Floyd was simply in his car when police pulled him out and then pinned him on the floor.

Passerbys began filming when they saw a white officer kneeling on the neck of a black man whilst egnoring the mans screams that he couldn’t breathe under the sheer force of Derek Chauvins Knee.

After the original video of the ordeal was posted, rumors started to circulate among social media circles, the narrative was formed — ‘Racist white man kneels on neck of black man, then kills him’.

The plain outrage — from what at first, seemed like a case of malice and brutality —and the pent up frustration of lockdowns and racial narratives being spewed in media, created the perfect recipe for disaster and social breakdown.


Before the media could realise what they had caused within the first week, the narrative and public opinion was now set. Celebrities, Politicians and Public Figures all joined in, kneeling and virtue signalling — talking about racism, defunding of the police and other woke talking points. The police were subjected to un-imagineable level of vitriol and hate on social media and in person.

The mass desire to signal virtue, not only reinforced the ‘brutality’ narrative, but cemented it into the history books as an indisputable fact. Nobody was allowed to question the narrative, anyone who even merely alluded to the concept of ‘the other side of the story’ was put down, attacked, public enemy number one.

Singer, Ariane Grande — Stood Idle at a George Floyd/BLM March

Black Lives Matter, who formed in the early 2010’s, took upon the opportunity to ‘fight for justice’. The public, without question, jumped onto BLM and worshipped the organisation without at any point questioning their motives for receiving donations on behalf of George Floyd and a long history of deadly riots and violence.

This ignorance cost America, and they got what they asked for.

America saw some of the most violent and costly riots it had ever witnessed. Finnancial reports now show that over $2 billion of damage was caused by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA riots under the guise of ‘racial justice’.

Credit: Getty Images — A construction site burns in a large fire near the Third Police Precinct on May 27.
Credit: Getty Images — BLM activists loot a target store in the name of George Floyd.
Credit: Getty Images — BLM Activists smash windows to enter a store to loot.

The riots across America lasted for nearly 200 days straight with little coverage from the media. Even when BLM activists created multiple autonomous regions, the media remained silent on the issue.

Outline of, CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonous Zone) changed to CHOP (Capitol Hill Organised Protest)
Baricaded Checkpoint of CHAZ/CHOP

Officially 19 people died because of the riots, NYT have confirmed at least six and Wikipedia and other trusted sites report up to 50 deaths.

Halfway through the demonstrations, we reported on the violence and where to find honest reports about the riots. I also plan on publishing a concise article about the George Floyd/BLM riots.

BLM ‘Peaceful Protest’

Due to the public pressure, nobody with prominence even cared to look deeper into this case. This is surprising considering protests started within 48 hours after the video was posted, and not one person of prominence looked into this case deeper.

In most recent times, Tucker Carlson (FOX News), was attacked on social media and in news media for daring to question the death of George Floyd. Is Tucker a lying racist, or did he do some basic research?

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office released an autopsy report of Floyd’s medical examination which was administered exactly 12 hours after his death to provide an accurate report on his body’s state, post death.

(if autopsy archive doesn’t work, click here for original)

George Floyd was confirmed as a 46 year old male. The intent of this report was also to discover whether the allegations made, are correct.


The report straight away outlines exactly what happened at the scene, to provide wider context and too see if anything else could have been done to save Floyd’s life or prevent injury.



The report starts off by listing what injuries the arresting officers inflicted upon Floyd.

Floyd had received minor injuries to the lips, forehead and face including cutaneous injuries to the shoulders, hands, elbows and legs.



Second of all, the reports lists the diseases/conditions which had no connection to the may 25th arrest.

Floyd had severe (Arteriosclerotic) multifocal heart disease and hypertensive heart disease. He had a long clinical history with severe the heart condition too. Floyd also had a tumor in the left area of his pelvis.



Thirdly the autopsy report states that George Floyd had “no life-threatening injuries”.

He had no facial or oral injuries including no injuries to the anterior muscles of neck. He also had injures to the rib, which dispels claims of lung collapse or lung restriction.



Floyd received a nasal swab on the day and was confirmed positive for 2019-nCoV RNA (COVID-19).



Floyd received a blood test, recording his hemoglobin.


A toxicologist(s) performed a blood test which found a list of psychoactive substances in his blood.

Some of those were; Fentanyl, Meth, Cotinie (nicotine) and Caffeine. His urine also contained cannabinoids, amphetamines, and fentanyl.


The medical examiner, Andrew M. Baker MD, added some comments at the bottom of the overview to outline certain things.

He clarified that despite Mr Floyd did have COVID-19, it is presumed as an asymptomatic case of the novel virus, and thus had no detremental effect on Floyd’s death.

See Full Report Here:

The evidence from the Medical report does infer that George Floyd died from a mix of his severe heart condition, the mass amount of drugs in his system and the adrenaline and stress he was going through.

The court hearing is yet to occur, but I have no doubt that the medical report will be the biggest factor to the Derek Chauvin defence.


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