The ‘Knee That Killed George Floyd’ Wasn’t Actually on His Neck

Rebutting myths from the George Floyd arrest.

Jack Smith
The Molyneux Post
6 min readApr 12, 2021


Image: (Right) MPD Chief standing at Chauvin trial, (Left) Floyd filmed by bystander

We are a full week into the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Michael Chauvin, for the accused murder/manslaughter of George Perry Floyd. The incident, that took place last May, supposedly saw Chauvin kneel on the neck of Floyd for nearly 10 minutes resulting in his death.

The riots, protests and activism was all based on the cell-phone footage filmed by onlookers and the notion that Floyd died because of the knee on his neck. Without a doubt, from this angle it does indeed look like Chauvin’s knee is pressed on Floyd’s neck, this opinion was supported by all sides of this political spectrum.

Floyd in hysterics whilst being cuffed by an MPD Officer

The knee, Floyd’s pleads for his ‘mama’ and his now infamous quote “I can’t breathe” all together perfectly formed the narrative of clear brutality. Politicians, celebrities and media personalities, on all political sides, all adhered to the same narrative.

Many of the factors that led many to believe this was brutality however, with a bit basic research, can be quite easily rebutted.

First of all, Floyd’s pleads for his ‘mama’ isn’t him pleading for his mother, however it is Floyd calling for his Girlfriend who he had pet-named ‘mama’. This was apprehensivly admitted by his Girlfriend in court during the Chauvin trial in Minneapolis on one of the first couple of days.

Floyd’s Girlfriend facing questioning at the Chauvin trial

Second of all, the “I can’t breathe” quote is cited as a reason Chauvin is a cold blooded murderer — The inference obviously being Chauvin ignored Floyd’s last dying pleads before he took his last breaths.

A look at the bodycam footage (see below) shows Floyd shouting “I can’t breathe” whilst he was standing up and when he was partially seated in the back of the Police cruiser.

Video is Age-Restricted, if embed will not work, click here or on link on screen

The most plausible reason he was repeating “I can’t breathe” whilst being stood straight-up, is that he was starting to overdose which led to his eventual death.

The medical report broken down by us last month shows Floyd had 4 times the lethal dose of Fentanyl, a drug which causes asphyxia and hypoxia (lack of blood and body oxygen) and also had high amounts of Amphetamine which caused his jittering and abnormal movements. See video here.

See video —

The medical report and bodycam also showed Floyd foaming at the mouth which started from his lungs which alongside his severe heart condition and pelvic tumor which caused him to produce high amounts of adrenaline, it is pretty obvious why he was struggling to breathe.

It is also worth noting Floyd had gone through medical treatment after an overdose just two months before.

Thirdly, the sentiment from activists online and in the media is that Floyd was just thrown to the ground and pinned for little or no reason. This however is simply not true. Officers pleaded with Floyd during his hysterics to comply throughout the ordeal.

At the very start of the ordeal, Floyd wouldn’t keep his hands on the steering wheel and kept on sporadically moving his hands around including beside his seat and in the footwell. This caused an MPD Officer to briefly pull his gun on Floyd to make sure he didn’t pull a weapon on the officer.

Officer temporarily pulls gun on hysterical Floyd

Once Floyd was finally removed from the vehicle, he remained hysterical and shouting “I can’t breathe” on top of other things. Floyd resisted and fought with Officers as they attempted to secure him in the Police car. Officers pleaded with Floyd to get in the car and even offered to open the windows to make him more comfortable. See video of Floyd resisting below:

Link is timstamp-embeded to start of at the right point

Floyd after minutes of arguing started to shout “put me on the floor”(seen on video) which the Officers, after believing he is going through Excited Delirium, followed his wishes and placed him on the floor.

The last myth presented by Mainstream Media and Activists is that Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. When Floyd was restrained on the floor after EMS was called, Chauvin at times did have his knee touching Floyd’s neck but for the majority of the ordeal, Chauvins shin was placed on Floyd’s shoulder blade and the knee was hovering over the neck.

Alternative angles from one of the Officers bodycam shows that in fact the shin of Chauvin was on Floyd’s shoulder blade, and at times the knee was on his shoulder.

During the Chauvin trial, Chauvin’s defense counsel Eric Nelson, questioned the MPD Chief Arradonodo, who was brought on by the prosecution (prosecuting Chauvin) showing the Chief alternative angles calling it “camera perspective bias”.

On top of admission from someone who is supposed to be supporting the case against Chauvin, the toxicology report in which we broke down last month, states that there was no bruising or damage to Floyd’s neck.

If Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for nearly 10 minutes, there would undoubtedly be levels of damage or bruising to his neck.

As we previously stated, Floyd had 4 times the lethal dose of Fentanyl and a high amount of Fentanyl metabolite, Norfentanyl which could take the Fentanyl total to 7 times the lethal dose.

(Left) Penny — (Right) Lethal dose of Fentanyl

Floyd also had high amounts of Amphetamine and traces of other high stimulants like caffeine and nicotine.

In the bodycam footage you can see Floyd place and swallow a pill which is more than likely the Fentanyl speedball pills in which his girlfriend testified they had bought on multiple occasions from the man in which Floyd was sat within the car.

To back this up, a chewed up speedball pill was found in the Police patrol car which contained the DNA of Floyd.

Image: Reuters via DailyMail

Suffice to say, the media have utterly butchered this entire trial and have refused to show any evidence or proof contrary to the media and activist narrative. This article, in no way, is definitive proof Derek Chauvin did or didn’t do wrong nor does it prove Floyd ultimately died from his own doing, despite it being the main catalyst, in my opinion.

The mainstream media are completely butchering the coverage of the Chauvin trial, even TalkRadio completely disregarding the evidence. To be kept in the loop and for the best day-by-day, in-depth analysis, with video clips, see and