Moonlighting ICO Weekly — Jan 3, 2018

News and updates from Moonlighting

2018 is going to be a big year. And not just for Moonlighting, but for the entire crypto community and freelancers around the globe. We hope your year is kicking off with just as much potential as ours!

The Moonlighting User Rewards Program

We cannot wait to tell our users about the Moonbit powered rewards program we have planned for them. Head over to this blog to get a sneak peek of our official announcement.

Is Bitcoin Going Through an Identity Crisis?

Last week, Moonlighting Founder and CEO, Jeff Tennery joined Fox Business Network to discuss Bitcoin’s current identity crisis, it’s potential pickup by leading e-commerce companies, and what this means for cryptocurrencies in 2018. Watch the interview now.

We’re Live on Steemit

Love getting your news on Steemit, the social media platform built on blockchain? We do too! And now you can find select news on our Steemit blog.

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