What’s Cookin This August at Mosaik

“August was the time that I was completely in the zone, because I knew everyone was sleeping.”

It’s August, and we’ve taken Gary Vee’s advice for the month and decided to go all in.

Step 1: Celebrate

With over 86 members in da house, resident Bitcoin team Shinrai revved up the grill and curated an epic courtyard BBQ party in celebration. Delicious eats were shared by all with a lovely helping of community socializing on the side.

A massive THANK YOU goes out to the amazing Shinrai and Bitcoin Budapest team for organizing this awesome centralized potluck.

Step 2: Dig In

In other news, our event calendar is packed full for the next two weeks so you can turn up the heat as well. We suggest you grab your dance cards and start filling them up.

August 16, 2016

Puli Space Meetup

If a Puli barks in space but there’s no atmosphere to carry the sound did they really bark at all?

Find out the answer to this question and many more at the next Puli meetup, where Puli Space CEO Dr. Pacher Tibor and his team will provide insights on their mission to the Moon.

🚀 Blast off 🚀

August 18, 2016

Product Office Hours with Callie Wheeler from Prezi

What if we told all of you guys that are working hard on developing your product that you could come to Mosaik, sip a delicious latte, and chat with a seasoned product manager of a world-renowned startup?

Because that’s exactly what we’re telling you. Come over and chat with Callie Wheeler from Prezi about everything from development practices to UX to team dynamics at her next biweekly office hours!

📝 Apply for an office hour slot 📝

August 18, 2016

Building Remote Businesses with Digital Nomads

This time the Digital Nomads team is coming in with a few extras. Wise words will be shared by some awesome diginoms alongside drinks and pizza, so head on over if you feel like you don’t want your August travels to end just yet.

🌎 Join the movement 🌎

August 18, 2016

Entrepreneurs of Hong Kong: Tony Verb & Natalie Chan

The future is here. Our top floor event space will give way to two global initiatives from Hong Kong in education and innovation.

Tony Verb, born and raised in Budapest will present Mettā, a platform that connects innovators, ideas and resources.

Natalie Chan, founder, and CEO of OWN Academy 自由學園, will talk about the future of education.

🇭🇰 Join the future 🇭🇰

August 22, 2016

Chris Heuer: What 20+ Years of Startup Failures Teach Us About What’s Next

Chris Heuer has been building the future since 1994 when he launched a local content network and his first startup. But when you’re someone that works on what’s next and your audience isn’t ready for the future just yet, you learn a fair share about successes and failures.

Join us at a casual, ‘improvised’ session with Chris for insight about life working inside and outside Silicon Valley, and advice on finding success in the next wave of tech-driven societal transformation.

🔜 What’s Next 🔜

August 23, 2016

ProductTank Meetup: Rapid Design Process Simulation w/ Callie Wheeler from Prezi

We invite everyone to get their hands dirty at our next ProductTank meetup, where UX flavored Prezi product guru Callie Wheeler will take us through the entire design process in one quickfire hour.

Take a deep breath and dive in. ⌛

August 25, 2016

Lucid Leadership Lab: Archetypes and Mindfulness in Leadership and Storytelling

Balazs Laszlo Karafiath, Ph.D. is a serial entrepreneur, investor and coach ready to tackle big questions around focus and prioritization. We’ll harness creativity to align your mind and your team, and level up.

🌀 Unlimit yourself. 🌀

Have you made it this far? Good for you — We’re looking forward to seeing your shining faces this month.

And remember: