3Q Roadmap Revised & Media service expansion

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2 min readMay 10, 2024


Dear Community.

This is MovieBloc Team.

We are pleased to announce changes on our 3Q roadmap and media service expansion

1. Changes on MBL 3Q roadmap

- Advancing Funding service
- Extending the range of Creative content: Scenario exhibition

- Advancing Funding service

In 3Q, MovieBloc team will be focusing on advancing the sunding service rather than extending the range of Creative content.

You can check out the detailed revisions at the link below.

MBL Roadmap for 2024

2. Media service expansion — Media Home is launched on May 7th.

Previously, tabs were used to navigate between menus, but this new Media Home has been created to enhance the user-friendly aspect where people can see all menus at a glance.

In addition, we have added a column feature by launching the MovieBloc Column. If you want to see various interpretations and opinions on movies from users, please visit the link below.

Link for Media home

MovieBloc promises to continue to make the service more user-friendly, and we will drive to make it more comfortable for the global users.

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