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Inside a New Museum (Part 1): Digging Into Data

In part one of ‘Inside a New Museum’, designer George Oates writes about her two-week data residency at M+ along with developer Dan Catt. Read part two here.

Lara Day and I first met in 2015 at Museums and the Web Asia, just after she’d joined the M+ crew as the founding member of the museum’s digital team. It was lovely to hear from her again when she was visiting London a few months back, and we got together to discuss me doing a residency at M+ through my agency Good, Form & Spectacle (G,F&S). We decided on a two-week placement in the M+…




Experiments from inside the new museum for visual culture in Hong Kong

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George Oates

George Oates

Designer interested in what Museum means. Loitering with intent. Director of @goodformand, CEO of @_museuminabox, thinking out loud at @thesmallmuseum.

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