Day 6: My Keto Story

Today I was in the Sierra Mountains of California at a camp. We put on a retreat for 50 chiropractic students twice a year. The thing I miscalculated was what options I would have for protein.

I started the day with bulletproof coffee for breakfast and lunch as I drove to camp. Only having bulletproof coffee -which is LOADED with fat — is pretty standard for me. Once I have a bulletproof, I have no hunger and it also gets my fat counts up for the day.

I was counting on loading up on protein, but unfortunately the only meat option served at dinner was a spaghetti with meat sauce. Which also ended up throwing me too many carbs (sugar in the sauce, beans in the sauce!, tomatoes). The kitchen team found me some sliced turkey, which brought me up to my whopping 22 grams. I didn’t bring the collagen with protein, so — not enough protein and too much carbs.



FAT INTAKE: 110/125



I felt great all day, good energy. I did feel a bit bloated after that meal (described above) with extra carbs. I didn’t eat too much food. It was pretty moderate. But damn those carby foods just glugged me up.

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