MyCryptoHeroes 101 — Base Stats, Healing, and Damage

Let’s explore which attributes affect the outcome of a battle.

Your Hero’s Base Values

Each hero gets born with four attributes: HP, PHY, INT, and AGI. The values increase as the hero levels up. As in most games, each hero possesses strengths and weaknesses in his/her attributes which makes for different strategies for each hero. Let’s talk about the four attributes:

HP — Hit Points

HP means how much damage a hero can take, until the hero dies. The higher the HP, the longer the hero survives. High HP heroes can be compared to tanks and are usually seen in the front row of your team.

PHY — Physical Attribute

Damage dealt of Physical items (e.g Sword, Katana, Halbert) scales with the PHY attribute of your hero. High PHY heroes can be compared to Damage Dealers / AD Carry / Fighters and can be placed anywhere in the team, depending on your other heroes. We will talk more about team composition in another post. (coming soon)

INT — Intelligence

INT is used for buffs, debuffs, healing, and damage. Items like Musket, Book, or Scroll make use of INT in various ways. High INT heroes can be compared to Mages / Wizards / Druids and can be used in various of ways. They’re suitable as healers, buff / debuffers, and also as damage dealers.

AGI — Agility

Agility determines how often your hero attacks, which has been explained in our previous post. In short: High AGI means the hero’s Active Skills get used more often. High AGI heroes can be compared to Assassins / High DPS / High Mana Mages and are a crucial part in any team because of their high frequency of Active Skills.

One of example of a high INT and AGI heroes is the French Revolutionary Napoleon Bonaparte:

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Profile | MCH

Napoleon is a high INT and high AGI hero. Additionally, his passive deals 150% (!!) of his INT to the forefront enemy at a 25% chance every time he used an Active Skill. That’s another reason to equip him with INT items.

You could get very creative in how to utilize Napoleon in a team of three. Do you make a backline healer out of him, since he has high INT and AGI? Or do you build him into an INT damage dealer, which synergizes with his passive?

If you end your training now — if you choose the quick and easy path as Vader did — you will become an agent of evil.
– Yoda

Okay, one step back. Let’s keep things simple and start with the basics: Which attributes scale with my Active Skills and Passive skills? How do they affect the damage that gets dealt? What about healing? This post covers all that, while our next post covers how to use Napoleon Bonaparte in a team properly. Be patient young crypto gamer.

Damage and Heal Calculation

Are you ready for some math? Don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple and will make you a better player. There’s no need to memorize everything in this section. My main goal is to give you a rough idea of how damage and healing numbers are calculated and which attributes affect them.

PHY Damage

Physical damage is dealt through Active or Passive Skills, for example: Red Strike’s Inflict 40–60% of PHY worth of damage to the forefront enemy.

Here is how the damage dealt is calculated:

PHY Damage Dealt (PDD):
PDD = (Attacker’s PHY・️ xx % )・️ (100 — Damage Reduction Rate) %
Damage Reduction Rate= Target’s PHY / 2

There are three variables that decide how much damage is dealt to the opponent: Attacker’s PHY, Item Effect, and Defender’s PHY.

Defender’s PHY decides the Damage Reduction Rate, which is capped at 40%. In other words: the Attacker’s damage is at maximum reduced by 40%.

Let’s calculate the PHY Damage Dealt based on a real example:

Jack the Ripper attacking Fukuzawa Yukichi | MCH

Team A: Jack the Ripper’s stats

  • PHY: 151
  • Elite Slash: Inflict 55–65% of PHY worth of damage to the forefront enemy

Team B: Fukuzawa Yukichi’s stats

  • PHY: 138
  • Damage Reduction: (138 PHY / 2)% = 69% = 40% (because capped)

PHY Damage Dealt:

PDD = (151・️ 55~65% )・️ (100 – 40)%
PDD = (83.05 ~ 98.15) ・️ 60%
PDD = 49.83 ~ 58.89
Jack the Ripper’s Elite Slash attack in action | MCH

INT Damage

The INT damage gets calculated exactly as the PHY damage, except INT is used in the calculation. Here’s the INT damage equation:

INT Damage Dealt (IDD):
IDD = (Attacker’s INT・️ xx % )・️ (100 — Damage Reduction Rate) %
Damage Reduction Rate= Target’s INT / 2

Three variables decide how much damage is dealt to the opponent: Attacker’s INT, Item Effect, and Defender’s INT.

Defender’s INT decides the Damage Reduction Rate, which is also capped at 40%. In other words: the damage is at maximum reduced by 40%.

We will skip an example at this time, since it’s exactly the same mechanism as with PHY damage. But we have another example for you, so don’t you worry.

Healing Effects

Healing or Recovery effects come in all form and shapes in MyCryptoHeroes: Group heal with White Candy, a hybrid self-heal / ally-heal with Necklace’s Healing, or a pure ally heal with Elite Quill’s Elite Recovery. Any healing effect follows the same equation, even if a hero targets himself/herself:

HP Recovered (HEAL)
HEAL = (Casting Hero’s INT + Target Hero’s PHY) ・ ️xx % / 2
Our Fukuzawa Yukichi healing Jack the Ripper | MCH

In this example, we’re looking at our Fukuzawa Yukichi using his Active Skill Elite Recovery, which targets Jack the Ripper as he was the member with the lowest HP at this time:

Team A: Team’s Fukuzawa Yukichi’s stats

  • INT: 133
  • Elite Recovery: Recover the party member with the lowest HP by 40–50%

Team A: Jack the Ripper’s stats

  • PHY: 151

HP Recovered (HEAL):

HEAL = (133 + 151) ️40 ~ 50% / 2
HEAL = ️248・️ ️20 ~ 25%
HEAL = 49.6 HP~ 62 HP
Fukuzawa Yukichi’s Elite Recovery in action | MCH

Congratulations! You’re just getting started…

I applaud you for getting this far, good job! This knowledge is enough to get you through the lower nodes and get some wins in the PVP duels under your belt. If you are a competitive player, like I am, the next step is to learn about team compositions. The combination of heroes and extensions play a crucial role in how you can fine-tune your team, so don’t stop here.

We need your help: We want to showcase some teams of our player community in our next post. If you want to help out, check out our subreddit and post your composition along with a short explanation. The community will appreciate your wisdom!

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