Cool Earth, Save the Children, and Mercy for Animals are on MEW’s Giving List

Dec 17, 2019 · 5 min read

Every day, there are plenty of things that can cause us anxiety — family and work, health and finance, politics and the environment. There are so many pressures, but often, there is one concern that is closest to our heart, for one reason or another.

As we make our way through MEW’s 12 Days of Christmas giving, we are discovering that even after knowing someone for months or years, you can still be surprised, and touched, by the political, environmental, or social cause that inspires them most.

So far, MEW has made donations to three organizations on behalf of the team. Here are the choices our first four team members made, and the reasons why.

Stephen, Educational Project Lead — Cool Earth

For my charity, I chose Cool Earth, because global temperatures are rising and no matter how much we decentralize, we’re all stuck on Earth. We only have one planet so we have to do our best to take care of it. It’s also no secret that blockchain technology isn’t exactly energy-friendly, so let’s put money towards solutions.

Cool Earth focuses on rainforest protection. They’ve partnered with over 13 rainforest foundations around the world that actively work to save the trees. Deforestation not only rids us of carbon-mitigating trees and plants, it destroys homes and displaces animals. More often than not, these rainforests are cut down to make room for grazing or agriculture businesses.

Another reason I’m interested in Cool Earth is their “Offset Bitcoin” program, which is meant to give back due to blockchain’s large carbon footprint. They accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin, and they are working on creating a cryptocurrency form for a wider variety of donations.

Yel, Full-Stack Developer — Cool Earth

I believe that it is this generation’s responsibility to leave the Earth a better place for the next generation and the generations to come. The planet itself will survive many disasters, but humanity is more fragile. So, conservation organizations like Cool Earth are not just healing the planet — they are protecting the people we love and their legacy in this world.

Donating to Cool Earth

The process with Cool Earth is very straightforward: you can find crypto wallet addresses, including an Ethereum wallet, at this link The donation can be anonymous, but you can also send the details of your transaction to their email at to be updated on the impact of your donation. Cool Earth is based in the UK and complies with all relevant regulations of cryptocurrency transactions.

Olga, VP — Save the Children

At MEW, we are making a long-term commitment to the blockchain space, looking forward to a world of decentralized finance and internet. But who are we building this world for? If we are to raise a new generation that embraces the ideals of decentralization and global openness, we need to ensure children’s well-being and educate them about the incredible possibilities of new technologies.

Save the Children is a widely recognized organization, working with children both in the US and globally. I am especially inspired by their educational programs that reach rural communities and children caught in crisis situations. Without having an early start on learning, it can be very difficult to catch up. I think charities like this one are ultimately pursuing the same goal as the blockchain community — reducing barriers to entry and ensuring that anyone in the world has equal access to educational and financial opportunities.

Donating to Save the Children

While Save the Children has been accepting Bitcoin donations since 2013, they recently partnered with The Giving Block to begin accepting multiple cryptocurrencies including ETH. Go to to choose your crypto option, and click through the donation process. You can include your information or donate anonymously. At the end, you will have the option of giving your email for the tax receipt.

Richie, Blockchain Community Specialist — Mercy for Animals

Mercy for Animals is a great organization that brings awareness about animal welfare and promotes compassionate food choices. The scope of their activity is international, but they are based in LA, like MEW. They’ve investigated over 65 cases of animal misconduct against large corporations such as Nestle and Walmart, which has brought about better animal welfare policies.

Organizations that advocate for healthier food options and raise awareness about the global and environmental factors that come into play with factory farming aren’t just helping animals. Compassionate food choices can help eradicate poor sanitation and harmful farming practices, leading to better public health.

Donating to Mercy for Animals

Mercy for Animals is one of the few organizations, among those that accept crypto, which list the crypto donation option on the main donation screen. Although they only say “Bitcoin” in the donation flow and on the main crypto donation page here, clicking on Donate reveals even more crypto options via Coinbase Commerce portal. Mercy for Animals is running a gift matching campaign until the end of the year, so it’s an especially great time to give.

Join our Days of Christmas Giving

Hopefully, our examples take some of the mystery and confusion out of donating ETH. If you decide to make your own contribution, do tell us about it on Twitter with the tag #MEWgiving!

Or, join our #MEWholidaypups Instagram challenge. Just look at these guys!

Details about MEW’s holiday campaign can be found here.

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MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a free, open-source, client-side interface for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.

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