Mythereum Mythicat Katurdays!

Back in early December, 2018, you heard that spoke about CryptoKitties to produce a cross NFT exchange system, allowing Mythereum to use CryptoKitties tokens as useable cards! The original announcement can be found here!

Today, we will highlight how that system works, remove some of the confusion and show you how exactly to not just have fun with your cats, but dominate the board with specific cats! Meowww!

1st order of business, you will need to have some kitties to forge!!! There are two effective ways to do this, and of course you can definitively go to the official CryptoKitties website and search to buy, using the advanced feature to find the attributes below, however! There is a site that will make your conversion forging project 1000 times easier!!! Head on over to OpenSea and check the guides below to master your Cat Forging abilities!

This is what you will be welcomed with once arriving at the CryptoKitties OpenSea page. There are four key components to getting the right Kittie for your gaming needs, meoww!

  1. Top right corner, always sort by lowest price, that way you get the best of deals, many cats are extremely overpriced, you can get top notch convertibles for less than a dollar!

2. Filter Properties: This is where you will search for your specific kitty type! Go ahead and type in Martian, as these make some of the best, and the color scheme is awesome.

3. Cooldown (Orange Arrow): This you will want to reduce down to either 0 or 1. Explained in further detail below, cooldown will also drop the generation counter, showing you what is available.

4. Generation (Green Arrow): This will automatically be reduced to a very low number after reducing the cooldown counter. Raise it by 1 generation at a time to find affordable prices, usually by generation 3 or 4, you will find amazing deals!!!

Understanding what makes a MythiCat work takes a little bit of research, lucky for you, we did that research to streamline the process for you! In Mythereum, forging a cat is FREE and only temporarily takes your Cat off the public chain of CryptoKitties, and can be returned at any time. By forging a cryptoKittie, you receive one MythiCat in place of it on the Mythereum site! You can also pay a small fee to push that MythiCat to the Mythereum Chain as well, allowing you to either upgrade the stats on the card with MX or to be able to Auction the Cat as a Card on markets such as OpenSea.

As you can see above, this is the screen when you head on over to Mythereum’s Forge. First, it should default to “CryptoKitties” as seen above in the red circle, but if not, go ahead and click the cryptoKitties button. It will populate your cryptoKitties on the left and your mythicats on the right side. Simply choose a cryptoKitty on the left, and choose forge, there is no cost other than your token being put on our contract and a small gas fee (usually around 2 cents).

As you can see in the above example, I have already crafted several hundred CryptoKitties into Mythicats and you can see that each one retains its visual image, and is granted a series of stats that are unique to each card. This is where the magic (and talent comes into play)!!! Meowwww!

To make your card useful and competitive, three factors are taken into consideration:

  1. Special Cattribute: Each cryptoKitty has a series of genes that produce its appearance at birth. Whichever is the rarest, will determine the Special Ability Classification of your Mythicat, of which to date there are currently 2 unique Catabilities. More on this below,
  2. Assault Statistic: Your Mythicat will have a number generated for both their attack and defense based on generation and cooldown. The lower the generation, the better your assault statistic will be, aim for generations under 10 for numbers as high as top 40s!!!!
  3. Health Statistic: Your Mythicat will have a number generated similarly to assault but based on the cooldown of your cat, the lower the cooldown, the better the Health statistic will be, and the longer your cat can survive! Numbers are achievable all the way to just under 50, so study hard, meoww!!

Below, is the statistics screen on Opensea. There are three factors, one being the key to making the most powerful of all Mythicats! Read on for more details…..

As you see above, to the right your generation and cooldown will be listed, this is always important to pay attention to, as only the lowest of these numbers will generate the best of MythiCats.

The important data however, is the cattribute rarity box to the left. This is where the magic happens. As of April 2019, only 123 cattributes contribute to generating the various MythiCats, and of which only 21 ability variations exist!

The above picture will tell you EXACTLY which MythiCat you will get from forging your cryptoKitty! I doubt this was intended, but it is quite the boon to the Mythereum and CryptoKitty community!

How it works: Whichever of the 123 cattributes is present on this board with the lowest %, will determine which MythiCat your CryptoKitty will forge into! Is that not both awesome and quite serendipitious!!! In the case of a tie between percentages, it will randomly generate into one of the two cattributes, so take care to examine which percentages are present, with 1% being the go to for almost every single cattribute!

In the above example, we see that there are two cattributes that are viable, both at 2%. Shale and Moue, so there would be an equal chance at your cat becoming either shale or moue. Now, a smart MythiCat forger, will cross reference our super top secret cattribute list and see if either moue or shale are on that list! (At some point in 2018, Mythereum and CryptoKitties took a record of 123 cattributes that existed at that time, and imported them into Mythereum). That means, if an attribute appeared AFTER the screenshot in time, it will NOT be forge-able, so it will go for the next rarest trait!

Below is the master list of all 123 Cattributes we currently can forge into MythiCats! Thanks to many persons such as Topper, Leandro and other Mythereum community members for helping us to break the season 1 code!

If your cattribute exists in the image above, it will determine your MythiCat Forge outcome, as long as you matched the % correctly on OpenSea!!! Meowww!!!

(Remember, cattributes determine the Catability of your MythiCat upon forging for all of season 1). The 21 Catabilities are as follows:

Kitty Stealth 1–2–2 _________25/10 
Kitty Power 1–2–3 __________00/55 
Kitty Spit 2–4–2 ____________00/80 
Kitty Claws 4–1–1 __________00/60 
Kitty Mesmerize 1–4–1 ______00/55 
Kitty Leap 1–3–2 ___________50/00 
Kitty Purr 1–2–2 ___________40/00 
Kitty Camouflage 2–4–1 ____80/00 
Kitty Pounce 2–2–2 ________00/60 
Kitty Kick 2–1–3 ___________15/25 
Kitty Scratch 1–3–2 ________00/70 
Kitty Bite 1–3–1 ___________00/40 
Kitty Superstition 1–1–4 ____00/65 
Kitty Sense 3–2–2 __________30/45 
Kitty Wise 1–1–3 ___________10/30 
Kitty 9-Lives 1–5–1 _________80/00 
Kitty Flip 2–3–1 ____________45/00 
Kitty Hiss 1–3–1 ____________25/00* 
Kitty Wiggle 2–2–1 _________00/30 
Kitty Meow 2–1–2 __________00/35 
Kitty Pawned 2–2–2 ________40/20
(* = All Fancies and a few rare Mythicat types will automatically gain Kitty Hiss).

To make sense of this data, we will examine a card to show you what the stats mean exactly, also to better understand Mythereum, check out the player tutorial video here!

Here is Fancy that has been forged into a MythiCat! Meowww!!!

As you can see, the numbers on top are the attack and health of the cat, while on the bottom you can find its Catability, and since this is a fancy, it always receives Kitty Hiss. The cost value is the “mana cost” of the card, which when activated gives it a temporary boost of 25 health!

Now if you return to the chart above, you can see the ability HISS (marked with an asterisk*) and see that it costs 1 black mana, 3 grey mana and 1 white mana and produces a 25/00 boost as listed!

Thats it on how to make a CryptoKitty! If you want to learn how to specifically craft one or more of the special Mythicat Catabilities, head on over to the Mythereum discord HERE! Meowww! Feel free to join my team by clicking HERE and don’t forget to Alliance up!!! Meowwww!!!!

Stay Tuned for more Mythereum and Mythicat Updates, every Katurday, and feel free to come over to our Saturday Katurday Tournaments where we give away 100’s of Dollars worth of crypto and hundreds of free CryptoKitties every weekend! Come get your Cat on! Meow!!!