NapoleonX Newsletter — May 18, 2018

It’s been 3 weeks since we published our last newsletter and since then crypto markets are broadly unchanged after having peaked early May. We are more in a consolidation phase after a big run since the lows and this is encouraging. Current levels are interesting to increase one’s exposure with stops that should be set around 10% lower for security.

NPX listing

We recently exposed the drawbacks that we have encountered on the listing front regarding the listings on HitBTC and Coinbene. We understand your frustration and this is shared on our side. What we can tell is that since our latest news, we have initiated new contacts with some exchanges and we are in advanced talks with a top-40 exchange for a listing before end of May. We should make some announcements next week hopefully.

Asset management license

We are in the process of finalizing our file that will be sent to the regulator (AMF) after having had a long and fruitful exploratory meeting with them. We are in the process of implementing the operational steps as well that will support our file. We need to embark new ressources and create a dedicated entity that will support this activity.

New crypto strategies

As promised in our latest newsletter, we have integrated 2 new strategies on our platform for ETH.USD and ETH.BTC pairs. They are being displayed for free at this stage for NPX token holders and will remain free until the first DAFs are launched.

HR news

We are expanding our team starting from next week. We will make corresponding announcement in the next few days. We have a highly skilled profile that will join our team to take care of all the fund management and quantitative research.

Marketing events

We are slowly but surely preparing for the future marketing campaigns that will be necessary to promote our project and the DAFs. We are happy to announce that we will be a silver sponsor at the upcoming World Blockchain Forum in New York on June 11–13. We will be targeting potential investors to prepare the launch of the DAFs around summer time once we will have got the asset management licence.
We have other venues in Europe that we will disclose in the next few weeks.

NPX contest on Reddit

We will be launching a contest in the next few days to win 2 free pass to the WBF that we are sponsoring. The rules of the game will be published shortly. Adrien, our community manager (and much more than that actually), will communicate with you on this topic.

NPX Platform

Since the launch of the platform, we have had more than 1,400 people that have created and validated an account. This figure is increasing regularly and is a good initial indicator for us.
We are also preparing a new feature for the platform that you cannot find anywhere else and dedicated on cryptos. This is an interesting add on that we want to develop for you to enrich our available content.

Validation process

Following your comments, we have integrated a new NPX address validation procedure. Validation of your NPX address is now instant and more user-friendly, and it’s fully compatible with hardware wallets Trezor (together with Ledger, Bitbox & Secalot). Previously validated addresses have not been affected. We invite you to read our step-by-step tutorial here on Medium or the shorter version on Youtube. We hope that it will bring the ease of use that you all have anticipated.

Documentation & support

NPX platform was launched in April as promised and we have been largely focused since then on collecting your feedback and putting into production all fine-tuning and tweaks needed after a first release. As a result, we are aware there might have been a lack of documentation and we are actively working on improving it. We’ve had particularly numerous questions about the use of trading signals so we recently published a FAQ on this topic, as well as others, that we invite you to read on Reddit. Feel free to leave us your comments there so that we can complete it over time with the help of your suggestions. More broadly speaking, we are committed to continuously enrich and improve our documentation, therefore we will continue to push updates and to publish new content on a regular basis.

As you can see, there are a lot of positive elements in our projects. There will be updates very soon on a lot of fronts so bear with us and stay tuned in the next few days. What we can say is that we are broadly in line with our timetable even though we are adapting on a constant basis. This is completely normal for an early stage project and this demonstrates our ability to overcome the issues that could arise in the future.

Have a great weekend.

Stephane IFRAH, CEO