September 2019 call to schools

Why you should deliver our course in the Sept 2019 school year

Nebula Learning provides UK schools with a free online personal finance course for 14–18 year-olds. The course is 100% free and very easy to deliver.

If you’re convinced already, then you can sign up here.

If not, then here’s why you should deliver the course next school year!

1. We’ve already delivered real results.

Between January and July 2019, over 100 schools signed up to our pilot and the feedback was phenomenal.

First, some statistics:

  • 90% of teachers said that the course was “easy” to deliver.
  • 80+% of pupils reported that their understanding of money matters had improved.
  • We asked pupils before and after taking the course to rate their understanding of personal finance on a scale of 1 (very low) to 5 (very high). The results are pretty impressive — toggle “Before” and “After” to see the difference.*

What pupils said about the course:

  • “In school we mainly learn about things for our GCSE rather than life skills, so I was very pleased to learn about finance so I can learn for the future.” — Looe Community Academy
  • “It’s useful information that is not on the typical school curriculum.” — Wheatley Park School
  • “[The videos] were extremely stimulating and gave exactly the right amount of information; the visual images also made the economics come more to life.” — St Mary’s, Colchester
Click to read what Wheatley Park School said about our course.

What teachers said about the course:

Wheatley Park School’s Head of Sixth Form kindly wrote up his thoughts on Nebula Learning and the importance of financial education in schools — you can read them here or by clicking the image on the left.

2. We’ve improved our course for next year.

If you’re not yet convinced after all of that, hopefully you’ll be excited by what we’ve improved this year.

New audio and video:

Teachers and pupils told us what they wanted to see in the next course, so we’ve added more about things like mortgages and how teenagers can open investment accounts.

Click here to find out how best to deliver the course.

We’ve also totally overhauled our videos. Leading voice actress Luci Fish (link to blog), whose previous clients include the likes of Spotify and New Look, provided this year’s voiceover.

Group activities:

This school year, none other than the Financial Times is providing content for some real-world group activities that will more deeply engage pupils with the topics that we discuss.

You can sign up for the course here.

3. Financial literacy is crucial to youth wellbeing.

If you’re still not taken, then perhaps you’re not aware of the financial risks that face today’s youth.


  • 24% of 18–30 year-olds are in constant debt (BBC).
  • Just 40% of schools teach personal finance, despite it being on the national curriculum. (The Guardian)
  • On top of all this, youth today are expected to be poorer than their parents in real terms. (The Financial Times)

Obviously, our course won’t solve these issues but it will help teenagers contend with the challenges they’ll inevitably face.

You can sign up to deliver our course here. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch directly at