Monthly Report — March 2021

Apr 6 · 2 min read

This report includes technical developments, online activity including governance and monthly data statistics.

Technology R&D

  • Wallet data synchronization optimization
    NAS nano pro wallet dStaking data synchronization optimization, bug fixes.

Events and Governance

  • 3/19/21 Nebulas and Huobi Sri Lanka Community AMA
    Dustin, a member of the Nebulas Technology Committee, participated in the Huobi Sri Lanka Community AMA.

Community incubation

NAS Graph launched; Building Open Middleware on Emerging Public Chains Based on The Graph Protocol

NAS Graph is incubated by Nebulabs and will provide data transmission for various ecosystem projects, Indexing, and cross-chain application sharing services, allowing developers to more easily use the blockchain to disclose data and welcome a vibrant decentralized world.

NAS Graph is an open source infrastructure that provides convenient data query services for DApp applications by synchronizing and indexing event data and block information on the public chain.

More details available at

OKExChain NOVA node participates in the launch of the OKExChain community node alliance.

Nebulabs provides technical support, operation and maintenance. Alliance nodes include Nebulas NOVA, ChainUP Labs, X-DUCK, GongFU, Jiqix, OKLive, ICoin, Okusb, Oxford and voyager ten community nodes, aiming to maintain the order of OKExChain mainnet community nodes to create an open and secure user voting platform, maintain and increase user benefits.

For details, please visit:

March statistics

Linked Asset Conversion via link.nextdao and decentralized asset swap.nextdao

  • nUSDT total supply: 125,935.142925

Node platform

  • Average annual yield (ROI): 90.82%

Community collaboration platform Go.nebulas

  • 290 projects

Statistics deadline: April 5, 2020

Nebulas welcomes community members to submit proposals on the community collaboration platform or join discussions via the forum.

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Nebulas is an autonomous metanet.