Nebulas initiate “On-chain Community Governance and Collaboration” in 2019

Today, the Nebulas team is happy to release our roadmap for 2019! With the launch of our new mainnet Nebulas NOVA this year, we are endowed with a powerful on-chain systematical tool and will start to emphasize more focus on collaboration our “lifeblood” — the Nebulas community. Below roadmap detailed our steps towards “Autonomous Metanet” which we aim to achieve by the end of 2019.

We hope the community will be well-aware with the coming changes and are ready to participate in the development of Nebulas. Please ask any questions you have and let‘s keep the conversation going at


  • The launch of Nebulas NOVA beta, providing the first tools for decentralized, on-chain community governance with 3 core functions: Nebulas Rank (NR), Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP), Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment (NBRE). Learn more about NOVA.


  • Nebulas community forum launched.


  • Nebulas Explorer V2.1 launched with new features including the displaying of Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) rankings.



  • Transiting the work of the current core team into project-based management
  • Visits to Korean, Japanese and Hong Kong communities, promoting Nebulas NOVA and its community governance framework.


  • Restructure of the Nebulas governance framework, adding Nebulas Council into the government structure.
  • Announce the preliminary election plan for Nebulas Council.
  • Launch the Nebulas project management dashboard “Go Nebulas”.
  • Improve the process of new project initiation, submission, approval, voting and community participation.


  • The official launch of Nebulas NOVA 1.0.


  • Nebulas Council members election begins.
  • Pilot the IR submission and system upgrading via NBRE.
  • The official launch of NApp Store.


  • The official launch of Nebulas NOVA 1.1, includes NVM and storage optimizations.
  • Publish Orange Paper:Nebulas Community Governance & Autonomous Metanet.


  • Finalize the Nebulas decentralization plan for mainnet nodes, begin decentralization of the network.
  • Complete the first Nebulas Council election.


  • Nebulas Council announces the status of community reserved assets and Nebulas Foundation announces the status of team reserved assets (2019.06.23).


  • Publish Green Paper-Nebulas Force.


  • Publish Blue Paper-Consensus.
  • Complete mainnet decentralization and have the community operate bookkeeping nodes.
  • Release new Nebulas Mainnet beta version.


  • Release New Nebulas Mainnet, marking the initial version of the Autonomous Metanet.

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