Nebulas Bi-Weekly Community Dynamics#61

Why Join Nebulas

Nebulas Wiki User Guide Was Released

The Nebulas Wiki is a collaboration tool for the Nebulas community. Community members can cooperatively publish various documents, including technical documents, related materials, community dynamics, etc. Every community member can participate in the maintenance and improvement of Nebulas Wiki based on their own interests and benefit from the increasingly perfect Nebulas Wiki.

Learn more about how to join as well as more details about Nebulas Wiki: Nebulas Wiki User Guide

Interview with Nebulas Team Series#1: Nebulers’ Thoughts on the Future of Blockchain

Blockchain is full of challenge and uncertainty. What will be the future of blockchain? As strong believers of blockchain, Nebulers have their own viewpoints on this nascent technology. In this video, members of Nebulas teams shared their thoughts on blockchain. For them, the unknowns and challenges are nothing but incentives, driving them to explore the charm of blockchain world.

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Interview with Nebulas Team Series#2: Why Join Nebulas

In the year of 2018, a lot of public chain projects arise as blockchain technology further develops, and many people begin to work in this field.

Nebulas is among the first public chain projects to release mainnet in China. And there are a lot of amazing people joining Nebulas, including the excellent Ph.Ds from the famous universities at home and abroad, personnel with rich experience in tech and finance, as well as enthusiasts of blockchain, etc. Then how does Nebulas attract them to join? This video may give you the answer.

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Nebulas Visiting Scholar Dr. Jinbo Zhang Had a Sharing with Nebulas Team

Nebulas Visiting Scholar Dr. Jinbo Zhang was invited to participated as an advisor in the writing of Du Xiaoman Blockchain Research and Application Whitepaper, which was released by Du Xiaoman Financial (Baidu’s fintech arm) recently. Then on Friday of last week, Dr. Zhang shared with Nebulas team his thoughts as well as the analysis of it.

Nebulas Was Rewarded as the Best Public Chain Project in 2018 The 3rd Golden Gyro Awards

On December 5, 2018 Future Business Ecolink Conference & 2018 The 3rd Golden Gyro Awards were jointly held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Nebulas was rewarded as the Best Public Chain Project.

Nebulas Technical Director Joel Wang Gave a Lecture on Nebulas Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP)

On December 23, Nebulas Technical Director Joel Wang was invited to give a lecture on how to build DApps on Nebulas blockchain, as well as Nebulas Incentive Protocol (DIP) at the basic DApp development lectures organized by Huobi Labs, Huobi University and Huobi Pool. Attendees include Internet entrepreneurs and developers, blockchain startups, as well as DApp development teams, etc.

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