Nebulas NOVA Testnet Developer Incentive Program Launches Today

From today (January 21) till March 31, 2019, developers who deploy smart contracts on the Nebulas NOVA testnet, and have test users (or conduct various types of transaction tests) will receive on-chain native rewards through Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP).

Nebulas is the first public chain with an on-chain incentive protocol for developers. The more popular and active the application gets, the more NAS its developers will receive automatically. This is a good opportunity to test and run your DApp and get ready for the Nebulas NOVA mainnet Developer Incentive Program launch!

The starting block height is 1562800. The total amount is about 2,500 mainnet NAS coins, and the testnet token rewards will be converted to mainnet NAS (1 testnet NAS token = 1 mainnet NAS) after the Developer Incentive Program is launched on Nebulas NOVA mainnet .

Please refer to our Developer Incentive Program (DIP) Event Guide for more details.

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