Nebulas Weekly Report # 38

Welcome to Nebulas Weekly Report #38, delivering the latest updates and developments on the Nebulas project. This report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or tweet us @nebulasio.

Last week’s dynamic summary

The Last Weekly Winners of Nebulas Incentive Program (NIP)

On July 11, 2018, Nebulas announced the last weekly winners of NIP. After the voting of the jury panel, a decentralized exchange application named FixedEx was declared the weekly champion and won 10,000 NAS rewards. As one of the few exchanges deployed on Nebulas mainnet, FixedEx can support NRC20 transactions. Its developer is an entrepreneur who has been following blockchain for 6 years and has 7 years of experience in software development.

For more information: Community’s Choice: Week 8 Winners of Nebulas Incentive Program

The 50 Monthly Super Contributors Were Announced

As the last weekly champions were announced, more and more people began to turn their eyes to the monthly champion. From July 1 to July 11 at midnight, the Nebulas team, according to the Nebulas Rank, selected 50 monthly Super Contributors.

From July 12 to July 18, the 50 monthly Super Contributors and 5 Nebulas representatives jointly formed a jury panel to select the second monthly champion from the twelve Week 5 to 8 champions, where a first, second and third prize were previously chosen every week.. The monthly champion will get a reward of 20,000 NAS. Please stay tuned!

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Nebulas Research Team Make Public Debut

On July 13, Nebulas released an interview article of the Nebulas Research Institute. The team members mainly discussed their views on the “ Yellow Paper” and answered the readers’ concerns.

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Nebulas Reaches Strategic Cooperation with Egretia, the World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Platform

On July 12, Nebulas announced the strategic cooperation with Egretia. The two sides will take the lead in carrying out in-depth cooperation in the area of blockchain games, releasing more value from the exploration of blockchain scenes and ecological development.

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Say No to Forks! Nebulas Co-founder and CTO Robin Zhong Interviewed by the We-media Professional Colin Andrews

On July 15, Nebulas co-founder Robin Zhong was interviewed by Colin Andrews. Robin explained that “ Nebulas Force” will eliminate the need for hard forks and he also discussed the role of Nebulas Incentive Program in the Nebulas ecosystem.

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

Multilingual SDK

Considering that v1.1.0 has increased the important function of inter-contract call, last week we continued testing the performance, stability and security of v1.1.0, and it will be launched on testnet this week. Also, in order to ensure the consistency of the execution of timeout transactions by different nodes, and make the node synchronization smoother, we move the optimization of the timeout logic from v1.1.0 to v1.0.7, which will be launched on the mainnet this week.

Ecosystem tools

Community partners develop the web-wallet into a cross-platform wallets based on Electron technology. In addition to the basic new creation, sending transactions, signatures, viewing details, deploy contracts, call contracts, the community wallet also supports saving user account information. Now, when switching between different pages, you don’t need to re-import the private key, which is more convenient than using the web version. Come and experience it.

Wallet 1:

Wallet 2:

Multilingual SDK

In order to meet the needs of developers on different platforms, our JS/Java/PHP/Python/Android/iOS/.NET and other versions of the SDK are officially released. Welcome to use and make valuable suggestions. The Unity2D versions of the SDK were added this week. Learn more


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