Thinking In Blockchain, a Nebulas meetup @Berkeley

BERKELEY, C.A. — More than a hundred and fifty students, alumni and community members gathered at UCBerkeley on Wednesday evening for Nebulas’ Thinking in Blockchain meetup. Hitters Xu, the founder and CEO of Nebulas, put forward the idea of “Blockchain Thinking” for the first time and claimed native incentives to be the primary driving force of blockchain evolution.

Hitters introducing himself.

At the beginning of his speech, Hitters introduced his background in blockchain. Before starting Nebulas, Hitters built the first blockchain community and the first blockchain project in China.

As a pioneer of blockchain in China, Hitters illustrated his understanding of blockchain thinking. To him, Blockchain is an organism and an economy. It has its own life. That’s why native incentive is the primary driving force of blockchain evolution.

Hitters speaking at a panel with Nebulas advisor Chris McCann(right) and Blockchain at Berkeley advisor Howard Wu(left).

Hitters said he built Nebulas based on his understanding of blockchain. He believes a better community should reward those who devote, which are users and developers. That’s why Nebulas uses Proof of Devotion as a user incentive, so that a user who makes more devotions shall be the bookkeeper. Nebulas also has Developer Incentive Protocol to make sure a developer who develops the most DApps gets his or her rewards.

“Ask not what Blockchain can do for you, ask what you can do for blockchain.” said Hitters at the end of his speech, “Blockchain will incentivize you.”

Hitters speaking at a panel to a sold-out crowd.

Nebulas team have received countless great feedbacks after the event which we will post at the end of this article. Stay tuned for our upcoming events.

Community Member Zoe (Yuan Tao)

When they talk about money, I want to walk away. When they talk about vision, I stay. When they talk about changing the world, I want to be on board.

Community Member Kush Patel

People sell Nebulas short when they say that it is just a “decentralized search framework”, when in reality it offers so much more than that.Hitters amazed me by his humbleness today and showed me the true value Nebulas has to offer. Nebulas isn’t a competitor to any other blockchain because it is unique in its own way and offers things that other companies don’t. The best part was how he demonstrated why price and value of these coins is of minimal importance compared to how we can help promote blockchain. The best thing we can do right now is to market blockchain and its application as a whole which can be so widely used.
Even though I don’t come from a technical background, Hitters made me realize I, along with everyone else, can still contribute to the blockchain community. Through informing others with its practical use, we can one day harness the true power of the blockchain. I can’t wait to help out more with the Nebulas project and help create a Nebulas community at UC Berkeley. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I can’t wait to start assisting with the Nebulas project.

Community Member Grant Ward

Hearing Hitters talk about Nebulas was mind opening. He spoke about how blockchain, and Nebulas, is bottom up; as opposed to the traditional corporate scheme of top down. He touched on the idea that it’s not about making money, it’s not about becoming well known, it’s about the vision, the drive, the passion, the persistency, and perhaps even faith. Something that I observed was that after every question that came from the audience, the first thing Hitters said was, “This is a very good question. I appreciate this audience.” He took the time to thank every member of the audience. During the event I felt engaged and stimulated the whole time. I can’t overstate how much I would enjoy to become a part of the Nebulas community.

Community Member Emerson Gale

What a timely opportunity it was to learn about how truly revolutionary Nebulas is. I left the meetup thrilled with the knowledge that this is an absolutely game-changing blockchain project with a remarkable humanitarian vision, tech team and work ethic behind it. The quickly-growing Berkeley blockchain community is a better place now that more of us have learned about Nebulas! This non-hierarchical, open-source, and incentivizing structure is exactly what our global communities do and will need. Many thanks to Hitters Xu and his friendly staff for creating such an invigorating evening and beyond! Yes, we believe!

Community Member Tom Litchfield

My friend David and I spoke to you for a few minutes last night at the Berkeley meetup. We were both very inspired by Hitters presentation and share some of the same thoughts regarding blockchain communities and incentives. We plan to take a closer look at Nebulas and play with the testnet.
I joined the Nebulas English telegram group and followed the Nebulas Twitter account to stay in contact. As I mentioned last night, these are not the best ways to stay in touch and have meaningful conversations. The tools we have today are not the best for building positive, productive online communities. David and I are working to solve this problem.

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Written by Alicia Zhong