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Nov 6, 2017 · 8 min read

Follow our blog, you can meet the Nebulas team at these events. Welcome!

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Nebulas founder, Hitters Xu gave a speech: Nebulas’ Approach for Smart Assets.

Nebulas and BiKi.com held a roadshow with the topic: When the public chain hit the exchange to explore the new ecological transformation of blockchain. Learn More.

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu attended.

Organized by Nebulas, KARDIACHAIN ​​and TOP Network, with the theme of The Future of the Public Blockchain. Nebulas founder, Hitters Xu gave a speech: Nebulas’ Approach for Smart Assets.

Gave a presentation titled Building ecosystems with positive incentives on-chain in the Paris Dauphine Academic conference.

Nebulas co-founder Aero Wang, Chief Architect Dr. Samuel Chen, Ecosystem and Marketing Executive Ruby Wu, Korean Community Specialist XiXiu Zheng, and Nebulas Korean Ambassador Yeonghun Ryu attended this event. Learn More.

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu attended this event as a guest and give a presentation.

Nebulas attended the release conference of the Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) as one of its first partners. Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and co-founder Aero Wang were invited as guests. Learn More.

San Francisco Blockchain Week was held in San Francisco on October 9, 2018. Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and Atlas Protocol co-founder Duran Liu were invited to attend.

Nebulas community meetup Beijing trip successfully accomplished on August 22. Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and Atlas Protocol co-founder Duran Liu published speeches during the meetup. Nebulas ambassadors, Rungang MO, Dustin Kritzer, Anastasia Miron, and some DApp developers participated in the meetup. Learn more.

Nebulas held the meetup with Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups (SVE). One of the many projects presented was NitHub, a decentralized version of GitHub on Nebulas currently in progress. Learn more.

Nebulas meetup was hosted by SVE.io and 2 others from Blockchain Founder Club SF/SV. Learn more.

Nebulas meetup was hosted by Nebulas Australia Community member Saeed Sid from. Learn more.

Nebulas co-founder Robin Zhong elaborated on the design of the Nebulas Incentive Program. Learn more.

Nebulas BD manager Lei Han attended the summit. Learn more.

Nebulas co-founder Aero Wang and Nebulas Research lead Arthur attended the Guangzhou meetup. Learn more.

The NAS Center hosted a meetup focused on blockchain games. Invitees included the developer influencers and hackathon champion. The key topic of the meetup was the future of blockchain games. Learn more.

Nebulas held the Silicon Valley Festival Hackathon. Learn more.

Nebulas sponsored the 32nd ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS 2018), along with companies such as Huawei, ARM, Baidu, and Microsoft. Learn more.

The third Nebulas Incentive Program Community Meetup was held in Hangzhou. Learn more.

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu delivered a keynote speech on Thinking in Blockchain on Blockathon 2018, an event sponsored by Nebulas. Learn more

Nebulas community developer Brandon co-organized developer workshops and hackathons with the Nebulas team at the NAS Center in San Francisco. The event aimed to give guidance on how to develop a DApp on Nebulas. Learn more.

The GBA (xGoogler Blockchain Alliance) held an intimate meetup. A group of former Google engineers who are now working in blockchain, or intend to move into this space, came together for the event. Learn more.

On May 12th and 13th, Nebulas sponsored and co-hosted the Building Blocks Hackathon at Consensus 2018, with our co-founder Robin Zhong serving as a judge. Our challenge to hackathon participants was to build a decentralized prediction market on the Nebulas blockchain. Learn More.

Nebulas co-founder Robin Zhong participated in the first topic of the conference to discuss Super Nodes VS Blockchain 3.0. Learn More.

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and co-founder Aero Wang attended the Wuhan meetup at the invitation of Dolphin Browser and joined in a fireside chat with Dolphin Browser founder Liu Tiefeng. Learn more

Nebulas co-founder Robin Zhong traveled with the core Nebulas dev team to the US to host the first Nebulas development workshop at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Learn more

Join Nebulas first East Coast meet up with co-founder Robin and Community Leader RG Mo. Enjoy a fun evening learning how to Install, Run Neb and Deploy Nebulas Smart Contract and so much more. Learn more.

Nebulas and Tencent Group Innovation Space (GIS) jointly hosted the meetup. Nebulas’ three founders — Hitters Xu, Robin Zhong, and Aero Wang — spoke at the event, and they were joined by Li Ming, the head of operations for Tencent GIS. Learn more.

Nebulabs and Atlas protocol joined this event. Learn More.

Nebulas co-founder Robin Zhong gave a ringing endorsement for implementing LLVM within blockchains during his keynote speech at the 2018 European LLVM Developers’ Meeting. Learn more.

Nebulas hosted an opening event to celebrate both our NAS Center in San Francisco and the launch of Mainnet (Eagle Nebula). Learn More.

Nebulas’ first Japan meetup. Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu gave a keynote about how to “Thinking in Blockchain”. Learn More

Duran Liu(Head of Nebulabs), Christopher McLoughlin (Co-founder of Canya) and Tim Bass (Co-founder of Block8) spoke to you about what is currently happening in the space and where the future is going. Learn More.

Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu speech on Thinking in Blockchain. Learn More.

Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu was one of the panelists. Talk about Building the generation of Asian tech globals: Is Asia closing the gap on Silicon Valley?. Organized by Harvard Business School. Learn More.

Organized by Blockchain at Berkeley and Nebulas. Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu talked about thinking in Blockchain with you. Learn More.

Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu and Nebulas advisor Edith Yeung were panel speakers. Organized by 500 Startups. Live Stream. Learn More.

It’s the premier venue at Davos for all things Blockchain during World Economic Forum 2018. Learn More.

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu shared his insights in the future of blockchain with many industry influencers. Learn More.

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and co-founder Robin Zhong were in Tsinghua University at another Nebulas meetup to give talks and answer questions from Tsinghua Students. Learn More.

Hitters speech on From the First Blockchain in China to Nebulas was well-received by the audience. This meetup was organized by Nebulas with the support of GIFTO. Learn More.

Organized by Nebulas with the support of Lbank.info. Learn More.

With a limit of 200 attendees, tickets were sold out within hours of launch. Learn More.

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Guangzhou organized a Fintech meetup session on Dec 2 with Hitters as a speaker once again. Learn More.

Nebulas participated in an event organized by The CoinTelegraph, BlockShow Asia, unveiling its brand new logo for the first time on this international stage. Learn More.

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu was the keynote speaker in the Tongji FinTech Meetup which is organized by Tongji University Master of Finance and Tongji FinTech (Suzhou) Research Institute. Learn More.

Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu was the speaker. Learn More.

Nebulas was sponsoring this festival which brought together the global financial community in a week-long celebration of FinTech. Learn More.

Our founder, Hitters Xu, was speaking at Columbia University. Sponsored by Columbia Blockchain Lab, co-sponsored by The Lion Network. Learn More.

We introduced Nebulas’ technology to Google staffs. Two speeches: The developing pf blockchain by founder Hitters Xu, Nebulas’ technology by co-founder Robin Zhong.

We shared Nebulas’ technology with professors and students in the University of California, Berkeley. Organized by ACE at Berkeley. Learn more.

Ding Ding TV is a trustworthy brand for high tech professionals and innovators in Silicon Valley. It covered an audience estimated at 200 million. Two speeches: From the first blockchain in China to Nebulas by Nebulas founderHitters Xu (Watch the video), White Paper and demo for Nebulas by co-founder Robin Zhong (Watch the video). One fireside chat, Blockchain in China and US by Hitters, Dr. Wallace Lynch (Founder & CEO, Alpha Token), Tom Ding (CEO, DFINITY), Xiahong Lin (Founder Bodhi) & Judy Yan(Investment Manager, DHVC). Video.

BitsClub is the first innovation community focused on blockchain in China. BitsClub organized a special meetup: Where Chinese Blockchain started: BitsClub in 5 years by founder Hitters, co-founder Aero Wang, and other 4 BitsClub co-founders. 3 Minutes video to introduce BitsClub.

The first blockchain summit in China. Nebulas founderHitters Xu had a speech: Discover the new value of Blockchain World. Watch the video. Learn more.


Nebulas is an autonomous metanet.

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