Resistance Report Volume 7

Week 4 of BETA update

Nemesis Downfall
Nemesis Downfall


Hello Downfallers,

As we’re entering week 4 since launch, and won’t be having an AMA this week (but meet us next week!), here is a quick update on a few game & project items:

A few Numbers:

  • Overall number of game accounts: 6,400
  • Overall number of games: 3,340
  • Overall amount of rewards: 39.6M ND
  • Overall token burn: 20.2M ND

Game Development:

We are planning patch 1.0.4 for next week, with some new developments and additions. A proper patch note will be released soon, but expect new anti-cheats measures, reworks of the audio & sound mixer to improve immersion, new character and new skins, re-introduction of Military Base map, new game mode (one-In-The Chamber).

We also have been working a lot on optimization to resolve the CPU bottlenecking issues some players had, which should transfer back the load to GPUs and allow players with gaming setups to experience the FPSs expected, and players with less powerful PCs to also have improved performances.

We are aiming at respecting a 2–3 weeks patching interval that matches our development pace.

In game cheats and exploits:

We’re seeing an increase in people abusing diverse mechanisms of the game, and while we were always quick on banning explicit cheats, we are now going to be more vigilant on human-like behaviors such as AFK farming exploits etc.

Starting today, anyone reported to have a cheating, exploiting or unfair behavior in game will be investigated and either Timed out for a week or permanently banned, and his rewards immediately frozen.

Please continue to report these behaviors to our admins on all socials. We are working on implementing more anti-cheat measures in the next patch (see above).


As represented in the gitbook, we have launched the BETA with a temporary launch rewards campaign where we distributed fixed amounts of rewards per game.

This amount has been adjusted several times over the past 4 weeks, allowing us to test variable parameters and fine tune our automatic rewards distribution system simulations.

The campaign is now coming to an end as we are planning to deploy the automatic system in the coming days and have adjusted rewards to a distribution in line with the future system.

We will communicate on how the system works soon.


Over the last three weeks, we have redirected everyone to play on our Subterranean Strife map that is more fit for smaller numbers of players.

Until more Downfallers join us, we are working on a way to organize games on our Military Base map as well, either by organizing player pools to play the map with full players, or cutting down the playable areas so that it can be played with lower amounts of players. Expect to see the shining sun of the Military Base soon!


Over the last weeks, we have launched a token incentive program and have been communicating on the regular burns from the rewards distribution. These mechanisms have allowed us to:

  • Bring liquidity of our Pancakeswap USDT/ND pair to about $94,000 at current token price, which is liquid enough for potential investors and holder to exchange tokens. Liquidity is locked between 2 and 20 years, ensuring security on our market.
  • Burn an overall 20.2M tokens to date

We also have listed ND on Coinmarcketcap and are in the process of updating our APIs and token information with CMC and CG (in particular Circulating and Total supplies)

Project developments

Thanks to our successful BETA launch on the PancakeSwap Gaming marketplace, we have gained some visibility and credibility in the space. This allowed us to start discussions with other actors of the web3 & Gamefi, regarding promotion, distribution and exposure to players. These will be announced when ready.

We are also working on future marketing campaigns and activities, together with Pancakeswap and on our own.


This first month of launch has been an overall success, with Nemesis Downfall being played by a significant amount of players consistently through the month.

Of course, due to the relatively small exposure so far, and diverse matchmaking issues, we still have periods where finding a game is more difficult, and we’re working to resolve that.

We also had our share of bugs and issues here and there, which the community has made a formidable job to help us identify and correct through its valuable feedbacks and reports. We have been able to patch some, and are working on others.

We are now working on both product and project development. On the game side, we aim at improving players immersion and retention, adding more features and in-game ND use cases. On the project side, we’re working on increasing our visibility to acquire new players and ND investors. We are confident that with such a great game to show and our constant efforts to make it better, we’ll get to reach more investors and partners, develop the community and take the spot we’re aiming for at the tip of spear of 2024 Gamefi!

About Nemesis Downfall

Nemesis downfall is the first ever FPS Play-and-earn game developed as a game with crypto serving it and not the other way around. In a dystopian future, players fight each other in a Deathmatch style game featuring a whole in-game economy based on its $ND token and lootable NFTs.

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