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2021 is the Year of the 4th Dimension

A channeled message from my Energy Group.

Alan Lew
8 min readJan 26, 2021


by new 1llumiati

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ME: I am seeking a message that is in my highest and best interest at this moment point in time. Blessings to all who hear this message.


Welcome to 2021. Welcome to the 4th Dimension.

A lot of people are looking around this very first week of 2021 and feeling that they live in unprecedented times, although the times are not necessarily unprecedented, anymore than any other time is unprecedented.

That is because every moment in time is unprecedented, every moment in time is unique. And this moment in time is unique, as will be tomorrow’s moment in time — in your terms of “time”.

So, what is it that makes this moment in time unique to this moment in time?

Our Expanding Universe

As you know, the universe is expanding. That is a term that your scientists like to use, saying the universe is expanding. That is the way it appears in your physical time-space reality — it is expansion.

And in fact, it is expansion even in our time-space reality, where time and space are less stringent. We also live in a universe that is expanding.

That is because the universe is infinite. That is we have taught. This, as we have discussed before, “infinity” means there is no end. And having no end means that there is a constant state of expansion.

source: NASA Hubble

There is a constant state of expansion and a constant innovation, a constant creativity, that is happening. That creativity is fundamental to the universe.

The universe is a creative process. You might say creation cannot stop — it is always happening in the moment point. The moment point is a creation point.

It is a point for creating new. It is a point that is beyond time and space through…



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